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Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday - Friday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Republican Christian Gentlemen

No Wisconsin Recall Fatigue as Signatures Surge Against Walker - Businessweek

Scott Walker's Next Target: Cancer Screenings for Women

Don’t Mess With Wisconsin

With half the money coming from out of state, Walker far outraising recall organizers

Jailed Realtor had requested secret immunity in John Doe probe - JSOnline

Report: Wisconsin has lost out on $1.3 billion in federal money

Why Scott Walker killed wind energy jobs in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Gaze | Wisconsin Gazette - Lesbian

Walker pardons 'Charlotte the Deer'

Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast | Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Scott Fitzgerald recall moving forward

One Wisconsin Now: Email - Half of Walker's $5 Million Take Comes From Out of Wisconsin

The BRAD BLOG : WI Man Charged With Multiple Felonies for Defacing 'Recall Walker' Petitions

Wisconsin's Recall-New Governor Candidate Emerging

Recall process has multiple checks and balances - BizTimes

Fox Falsely Claims ‘Mickey Mouse’ And ‘Adolf Hitler’ Are On Scott Walker Recall Petition (VIDEO)


Waukesha Republican goes out of control in public. Recall Walker!

Justice Gableman not charged legal fees in ethics case - JSOnline

Affordable Care Act Enables Health Care Coverage for 28,000 Wisconsin Residents

Here's the lawsuit brought against the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. Scott Walker just wants to make sure that by the time he is recalled, NOBODY likes him.
Reality Check: Walker Ad Inaccurately Portrays School District's Budget Situation

‘Total Recall’ day is Saturday

Help us out

Wis. GOP Files Lawsuit Against Election Officials Over Recall Process

Monologues of Dissent

Walker, Fitzgerald Attempt Smokescreens While Recall Succeeds and Job Creation Fails

Campaign reports show Walker far outraising recall organizers

Despite Dems recall signatures, Walker says he's focused on jobs - TODAY'S TMJ4

Senator Johnson votes against Congressional insider trading ban

Miles Kristan
We need everyone to the capitol tomorrow and monday by noon to show
Walker and the capitol police that freedom of speech is not
and will never be something we need to pay for
WI Protests--Solidarity Sing Along 12/15/2011

Bill would criminalize signing multiple petitions

Sly In The Morning: Lori Compas: Fitzgerald's worst recall nightmare

Solidarity Sing-Along to test new Wisconsin Capitol access rules and not apply for permit - Isthmus.

State lost 11,700 private-sector jobs in November - JSOnline

A half-million to Recall Scott Walker

Have Recall Walker Organizers Hit Their Goal?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to Visit Hudson for Uline Groundbreaking

Paul Ryan Convinces Ron Wyden To Support Greater Privatization Of Medicare

Assembly leader wants to replace state elections agency - JSOnline

Scott Walker Recall: Democrats Collect More Than A Half-Million Signatures In One Month

United Wisconsin: More than half-a-million signatures to recall Scott Walker collected in first 28 d

Spencer Black: It’s clear Walker dances to fossil fuels tune

In Dem poll, the case for challenging Paul Ryan

New Dog Democrat: Enough Signatures Gathered, Walker To Be Recalled!

The strange ballad of Segway Jeremy

Over 540,000 Signatures Collected, This Time For Real!

Daily Kos: Around Wisconsin: Rumors, Pictures and Announcement Tomorrow

The 40 Best Protest Signs Of 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder Says He’s Ready to Protect Voters - COLORLINES

Report: Wisconsin has lost out on $1.3 billion in federal money

"Waukesha County clerk says she's been exonerated " by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters summary of LRB 3520 - Thank you WLCV | The Water's Edge

Doe Season Still Open - Walker Contributer Jailed

PA GOPer Admits There’s No Evidence That Voter ID Laws Are Needed, But He’s Ramming One Through Anyw

Wisconsin Campaign Law Falls To Citizens United

TOTAL RECALL in Waukesha County

From Wisconsin to Wall Street, an Economic Reckoning

Scott Walker To Deliver Big Speech At CPAC

U.S. Appeals Court strikes down part of state election law - JSOnline

Abortion bill to get hearing on Tuesday - JSOnline

What The Justice Department Can Actually Do About Voter ID Laws

the passionate democrat: Walker's DOA Attempts to Sell the Constitution

Madison Cop Signing Walker Recall Petition in Rotunda 11/19/11

EXCLUSIVE: Letter from Walker

Cognitive Dissidence

RECRAWL WALKER! A United Wisconsin pub crawl! at Bay View Brew Haus, Milwaukee on Do414

John Nichols: Attempt to recall Sen. Jauch a fool’s mission

GAB will seek more time to review any recall petitions that are filed - JSOnline

Q&A: Solidarity Singers director says 'we're there to petition our government'

Meeting warns of right-to-work

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Wisconsin’s Unconstitutional Voter ID Law

Gov. Scott Walker says average property tax payer will save $700 under 2011-’13 state budget

First arrest made in John Doe investigation - JSOnline

ACLU Sues Scott Walker Over Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law

Waukesha Republican goes out of control in public. Recall Walker!

Walker Recall Intimidation Caught On Video

Walker to be keynote speaker for Conservative Political Action Conference

Assembly Leader Jeff Fitzgerald abruptly ends press conference for Gogebic Taconite mining project -

Milwaukee Legislators Succeed in Increasing Property Tax Accountability, Transparency

Kelda Files Open Records Request for Walker Communications with Mining Industry

Rep. Barca, Sen. Miller will introduce bill to reverse Gov. Walker’s policy that tramples on the First Amendment

Cognitive Dissidence: Scott Walker's Magic Card Trick

Stand With Walker Fundraiser for the RPECC

"Union Busting Language" Forces Strike In Wisconsin

A Year of Progress for Wisconsin's Job Climate

Walker Ad Shows New Slogan: ‘Laying The Foundation For Wisconsin’s Success’

Angry voice mail among man's calls to recall signers

Dear GOP - F#@K You!

The Koch Brothers, ALEC and the Savage Assault on Democracy | The Nation

PolitiFact | Inside the Walker tax debate: Was budget an increase or a cut?

Wisconsin Senator: If You Are Still Earning Minimum Wage, You're a Bad Worker

The Capitol is not Walker’s private palace


No Joke: Scott Walker "Speaks in Tongues" at His Fringe Church

Wisconsin Senator: If You Are Still Earning Minimum Wage, You're a Bad Worker

Walker Announces Tax Credits to Assist Company That Hopes to Create “at least 3 new jobs”

Protesters shut out of meeting with Ryan in Washington

Waukesha County man uses TV video to contact, challenge recall signers

The ALEC-Koch pipeline to Wisconsin Legislators and the Mining Bill

Analysis: Brokaw mill closure will bring loss of $27 million from economy and 1,100 jobs in region

My Plea to Russ Feingold by Tom T. C.

Sometimes You Just Smile

Thousands Stand in Solidarity with Machinsts at Manitowoc Cranes - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

Daily Kos: Operation Burn Notice: BIG, BIG, BIG UPDATE!

Recall Walker Organizers May Keep Number Of Signatures Gathered Quiet

Unhinged, I Tell You… They’re Coming Unhinged! | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger St

"Nativity scene up in Capitol; Atheist group upset" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

The Political Environment: Walker-Led Wisconsin Dead Last In Federal Bank Economic Ranking

Monologues of Dissent: Leading (and Listening) by Example: A lesson for Scott Walker

Your opinions - JSOnline

Scott Walker stealthily attends ATR holiday party | The Examiner | Yeas & Nays | Washington Examiner

The de facto poll tax of 2011


Feingold answers questions about Gov. Walker, running for office and private life - TODAY'S TMJ4

Person of the Year 2011 - TIME

"Does Walker have any hopes of creating 250,000 jobs?" by Opinion Matters -- GazetteXtra

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