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Saturday, December 17, 2011

20 Reasons Why Wisconsin Teachers Deserve Good Pay and Generous Benefits

Vivian asked me this morning to give her 20 reasons why I feel Wisconsin teachers (and teachers in general) should get good pay and generous benefits. Knowing Vivian for the reasonable person that she is, I knew that she wouldn't ask me for anything I couldn't provide, and so I gladly obliged. Here, in no particular order are the 20 reasons why Wisconsin teachers deserve good pay and generous benefits.

1. Teaching is a hard job. 
2. It carries a lot of responsibility 
3. It requires substantial education 
4. It promotes Wisconsin quality of life 
5. It helps us create a better future 
6. It creates a better democracy with voters who understand that learning about candidates is important 
7. Our children matter 
8. Teachers are an important part of our middle class 
9. If we demand accountability, we need to provide an appropriate reward 
10. Wisconsin Idea 
11. All people should have the ability to be paid well and receive generous benefits for good work. 
12 If we want good schools, we need to compensate professionals who work there appropriately 
13. Quality education helps us compete in the global market place 
14. In a small community, which many in Wisconsin are, teachers carry a place of special importance. 
15. We want good smart people to want to become teachers. 
16. High quality education has been historically a Wisconsin value 
17. Generous compensation allows more teachers to engage in other efforts, including volunteering to help their community. 
18. Education as an industry, is a powerful economic engine that helps our communities 
19. Generous compensation encourages more quality teachers to stay in teaching 
20. Forward.

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