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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Was it you who dug the deep gouge keying my car?

This letter, reduced to 250 words, was published in today's Janesville Gazette.

For the past month, I have volunteered doing my civic duty under our Wisconsin State Constitution to collect signatures with the recall Walker effort. It has often been cold, wet and blustery. More often than not, people give me thumbs up, yell encouragement, honked their vehicle horns in solidarity, and stop to chat, while others have a convenient opportunity to stop and sign the petition.

But, there have been others who gave me the finger, yelled obscenities, and foolishly demonstrated a poor understanding of our democratic society tarnishing the image and reputation of Walker supporters. Was it you who asked me if I had any "of those funny cigarettes given out to children to make them vote?" Was it you who swore at me when I wished you a nice day after offering a hug to quell your anger? Was it you who dug the deep gouge keying my car from front to back?

I'm a fellow Wisconsinite, incredibly proud of the heritage and past integrity of our state. Having lived for a while outside the state, I happily returned to my state that once put the high premium on the value of exceptional educational opportunities for all and one which always - always - put a priority on integrity, progress, citizen well-being and the protection of our environmental resources. The legislature, where I worked in the 1970s, was a legislature where honorable men and women could debate without slander, lies and behind-the-back deceit skirting legality to achieve their agendas. It was a state where self-respect, character, and transparency in government was valued over political party posturing and money from miscreants. It was a state that would never demean nor attack its citizens when they were vocal, never deny them their constitutional rights, nor humiliate them when they were struggling no matter a trumped-up fiscal crisis or ascendancy in political dominance because we were Wisconsin!

When you go past those hardy Wisconsin citizens who are diligently volunteering (NOT being paid!) to collect signatures shouting in your anger, or worse, please understand this: They, we, are Wisconsin. They are doing their civic duty for what they know is best for Wisconsin. We will not be chased away nor intimidated as we defend all that once made Wisconsin uniquely proud. If you must continue to display your anger with threats, vandalizing, and trying to impede lawful democracy in action, you only reveal only one thing to everyone: you have validated our prudence to embark on this recall and we will continue to stand for our mutual Wisconsin and democracy itself.

Judith Detert-Moriarty

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