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Monday, December 26, 2011

December 17-26 Protest News Round Up

Yuri Rashkin: Christmas Day Attack by Janesville Gazette

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Was it you who dug the deep gouge keying my c

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: 20 Reasons Why Wisconsin Teachers Deserve Good Pay and Generous Bene

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Republican Christian Gentlemen

Live Online Chat with Yuri Rashkin, Assembly candidate

A Christmas Message From America's Rich | | Rolling Stone

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Education Grinches

Party politics emerge in local board races -- GazetteXtra

Jim Bowman column: Obstacles to voting are becoming apparent

Newsmaker of the Year: All eyes on Governor Scott Walker

Daily Kos: Twas the Night Before Recall, or A Visit From a Fighting Spirit, a poem by Steven P. Se

Walker's travel called into question


Walker elusive on his travels

Wall Photos

Please Sign Gov. Walkers Coal Christmas Card

"Peace on earth? NOT in Wisconsin!!" by We the People -- GazetteXtra

Tom Barrett hasn't signed the recall petition

The Reasons for Democratic Optimism in Wisconsin - Hotline On Call

Scott Walker - Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Tommy Thompson's Secret Talks With Scott Walker Show Conservative Drift of Walker's Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he has regrets about collective bargaining measure

Chetek man brings Gov. Walker gift of petitions

Scott Walker: Regrets, he’s had a few |

The Sleeping Giant. Or: How Wisconsin Came Together And Changed The Course Of History AVAILABLE NOW

Cognitive Dissidence: Walkergate: The Christmas Train Wreck


State releases details of budget cuts; UW System to take biggest hit

Biz Beat: Jobs report notes high number of Wisconsin layoffs

Walker: State Is Headed In Right Direction

Walker recall activists shoot for a million signatures - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Governor asks Guard to assist Santa Claus

The Political Environment: The WMC's Mining Meltdown

Union leaders urge Barrett not to run in recall race - JSOnline

Walker Supporters: Short Attention Span Theater Feeds the Beast

Hungry Guy: The A.P.A.'s psychopath checklist applied to Governor Scott Walker

Governor Of The Year – Scott Walker

Walker to outline $174 million in new budget cuts - JSOnline

Janesville - Rock County: Having Some Fun With Time and Their "Prophet"

Janesville - Rock County: All Wisconsin Republicans Voted To Raise Taxes On Middle Class

Gov. Walker dominates the air waves early in push to burnish his image - JSOnline

Walker struggles to fulfill promise to create 250K jobs

Fitzgerald's Partisan GAB Pipe Dream Falls Flat

The Reasons for Republican Optimism in Wisconsin - Hotline On Call

Save America Stop Walker

River Falls woman arrested for spitting on recall worker in Wisconsin -

Milwaukee State Rep. Grigsby In Intensive Care

Sly In The Morning: Chief Political Correspondent Dylan Brogan Questions Governor

Witness: Sensenbrenner said first lady has "big butt" - JSOnline

Working Families, Community Members Help Those on Strike This Holiday Season - Wisconsin State AFL-C

‎"The district attorney who filed a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's law passed earlier this year effectively ending collective bargaining rights for most public workers said Thursday he is considering asking the state Supreme Court to rehear the case. Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne told The Associated Press he was looking at making the request after learning that Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman had received free legal services from a law firm that defended the law in that case decided in June."

Peter Barca: A Year for the Wisconsin History Books

Green Bay Firefighters Union Agrees to Pay More for Benefits

"Candidate passed over for post sues Walker" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Recall Now! Recall Now!

Biz Beat: Walker's budget cuts are costing state private jobs, report warns

Koch Industries gets defensive about Badger Democracy expose on “”

FBI Investigating Scott Walker?

Holiday Spirit

An open letter to Tonette Walker | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

Scott Walker - Not Enough People In Jail

Local Supporters of Walker Recall Take to the Street

Muskego Assembly Rep Introduces Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

~ From Doug LaFollette~
Several have asked about my platform and ideas. Given our current situation they are quite simple.

First, or course, defeat walker;

Second, put together a team of attorneys who can determine which of his actions can be reversed by executive order which I would do the first weeks in office;

Third, appoint people to run our State agencies who respect education, worker’s rights, environment protection and other critical values;

Fourth, if we are not successful in getting control of the State Senate, I would veto any bad legislation that was passed;

Finally, we have to realize that until we gain control of both houses, we will not be able to reverse his attack on our State and begin to pass legislation to get Wisconsin back on its progressive track. Therefore, one of my and all of our, efforts will need to be electing people to the Assembly and Senate in the November election.

Pics from the Walker/Ryan protest tonight! What an awesome bunch! And Newman came too!!!

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