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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday - Friday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Kristi

Yuri Rashkin: Political Free Speech Activity Information for Janesville, WI

DOA vs. Wisconsin Citizens: Radically Restricted use of Wisconsin Capitol Building Unveiled

Root River Siren: Laughable "News" Source "Reports" Vicki McKenna Recall Fraud

Big Money Blog: What's A Recallable Offense?

Wisconsin RECALL is working – video

BREAKING: 'Operation Burn Notice' figure offers to 'sell out employer'

Be respectful of those collecting recall signatures

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, We Sing For Truth and Justice

Conservative group says signers of petitions to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are at risk

“WSJ props up Rickert, a debacle of a writer, held together by a mixture of idiocy and delusion”

Line-item veto idea comes from Janesville, again -- GazetteXtra

Pro-Walker Ads, Courtesy of Koch Industries | Center for Media and Democracy

Janesville - Rock County: After Looting Communities, Walker Gives Away $4 Million Just for Asking

Janesville - Rock County: Another Unholy Alliance With Paul Ryan. When Will Some Democrats Learn?

Spontaneous Event

Union Hall Petition Pick-up/Drop-Off Locations - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog


A Prayer for Scott Walker


Scott Walker: 'Big Government Unions' Won't Win in Wisconsin

Thank You Wisconsin

Bill would allow signs, photos, video in Assembly gallery

Judge who Ruled against Raw Milk in Wisconsin quits to work for Monsanto law firm

Rep. Janet Bewley Sustainable Gifts and Buying Locally

Will Walker get the boot?


Scott Olsen: "I Swore to Defend the Constitution and I'm Continuing to Do That"

Walker administration alters protest permit requirements - JSOnline

Daily Kos: Wis Gov Scott Walker: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Charge 'Em (Updated)

Democratic Party of Wisconsin | Petition: End Walker's War on Women

Walker’s school message open to debate |

Governor Scott Walker says he won't grant pardons

Will Wisconsin become a right-to-work state? – Isthmus | The Daily Page | "i HATE scott WALKER - Don

Walker Protesters Take Jobs Message To Train Maker

Washington County Recalls Scott Walker

Just How Much Richer Have The Koch Brothers Gotten While The Rest Of America Suffers?

Doublespeak Rules in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin

"TIME for the JANESVILLE line-item veto!" by We the People -- GazetteXtra

Support for Wisconsin recall election grows

‎"This resolution amends the assembly rules to permit a person in the assembly
visitor gallery to display a sign that is not larger than 8 1/2 inches in width and 11 inches in height, but only if the sign is not held over the person's head. In addition, the resolution amends the assembly rules to permit a person in the assembly visitor gallery to photograph or videotape any of the proceedings in the chamber."
Wisconsin Legislature: AR19: Resolution Text
Poll - Who would you vote for in a gubernatorial recall election? -- WCLO


Wisconsin Club For Growth: public employees seldom produce anything of value | Blogging Blue - Blogg

Survey results: Impact of budget cuts on school districts

Daily Kos: Walker's Wisconsin: Driver Who Attempts to Hit Recallers Might Be a GOP Official!

Walker's administration bars open carry of weapons in state buildings - JSOnline

Walworth County Dems Fundraiser featuring JOHN NICHOLS

Janesville - Rock County: Walker's Plan: Locals Save Millions, But Lose Thousands of Jobs

Grothman asks, "Does it bother you...?"

Governor Scott Walker punked again - in his own conference room

Root River Siren: Racine County Republicans Should be Ashamed Of Themselves

Recall effort finds support in Rock County -- GazetteXtra

Grothmann pushes for legislation requiring stringent oversight of petitions | Defend Wisconsin

Recall petition destruction case to D.A. this week

Assembly Republicans have refused to pay Democrat's legal costs - JSOnline

Driver threatens recallers with car. Rumors connect Racine County GOP Treasurer, Tom Bode

Plain Talk: Hey, governor, your pants are on fire

Madison police probe 3 more reported crimes against Walker recall campaign

Washington Post columnist dubs Walker 'Cheesehead Pharaoh of the Middle West'

Should the Wisconsin Capitol tree be Christmas tree?

Walker recall effort has over half its needed signatures, organizers say

Pro-Walker Ads, Courtesy of Koch Industries | Center for Media and Democracy

VIDEO: Scott Olsen on The Ed Show

Biz Beat: Scott Walker fan or not, Wisconsin job numbers aren't so good

Democrats say Moulton recall signatures at 59 percent

Wisconsin schools see more children in poverty - JSOnline

Balanced Budget in Wisconsin Comes At Too High A Price

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Bunker-Buster Signature Rate

Day of strikes as millions heed unions' call to fight pension cuts

Daily Kos: Wisconsin Recall Roundup - Petition Ripper Brags in Tweet to the Governor

Today in recalls, a one-man signature-collecting machine roaming Capital Square

Recall petition shredding suspect is not the father of our country | River Falls Journal | River Fal

City workers will receive merit pay -- GazetteXtra

Recall allegations abound — Signs damaged, threats reported

Gov. Walker's $125,000 Deer Czar from Texas: It's Not About the Herd or the Hunters | Start Real Con

Madison Police Respond to Recall-Related Incidents

Standing up to Scott Walker_tv60_HD

Stand with Walker Rally at Ramada Convention Center Eau Claire -...

Wisconsin's Recall Signatures Pouring In

Unions ask judge to declare bargaining law unconstitutional - JSOnline

Wisconsin Recall Drive Surpasses 300,000 Signatures as Rural Counties Turn Against Anti-Labor Govern

New Dog Democrat: Wisconsin Democrats Smash Recall Expectations

Hungry Guy: Emergency in Platteville/Grant County Wisconsin

Daily Kos: Problems That Loom Over Walker's Wisconsin. Count Me Once, Count Me Twice: MacIver To the

Kristi Lacroix - So Misunderstood - Where is Walker?

New Dog Democrat: Wisconsin Democrats Smash Recall Expectations

Ed show exclusive on Wisconsin recall effort

Walker Recall Effort Says 300,000 Signatures In

Walker: Where Are the Jobs?

Recall workers find support, opposition: Say they won’t be deterred by bad weather ahead

The Maddow Blog - Wisconsin leads nation downhill

On the Capitol: Grothmann pushes for more accountability on petitions

Walker's economic claims misleading

Illiterate Scott Walker’s Illiterate Tweet Removed By Staffers

Police: Man Who Ripped Up Recall Petition Could Face Felony Charge

Wall Photos

Law firm gave advice on elections law it is suing over - JSOnline

Profile Pictures

As Kleefisch stays “under the radar” for most Wisconsinites, her recall lags in signatures…why she d

Walker says ‘overwhelming number’ of Wisconsin school districts’ staffs grew or stayed the same afte

Recall Walker Drive Surpassed Halfway Petition Signature Total of 270,000 To Oust Wisconsin Governor

Recall Scott Fitzgerald

Walker won't attend rally in Eau Claire Saturday

Political direction of state could hinge on courts - JSOnline

Clay Matthews on AIDS Walk Wisconsin | Video Library | Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

For Wisconsin Gov. Walker, Tables Turn as Unions Push Recall Effort

BREAKING NEWS: Wisconsin GOP Faithful Stoop To New Lows In Tampering With Recalls

Website claiming enough signatures in Walker recall is now offline - TODAY'S TMJ4

Recall drive is picking up steam - JSOnline

Q&A: A school board president speaks out against budget cuts

Misleading Scott Walker Ad Features Choice School..

TheDC Interview: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on budget-reform success, GOP field

Scott Walker Fact Check - "Waste"

Recall petition destroyed at Edgewood, but no report to police

Music Video, Capitol Protests!! This is What Democracy Looks Like!! SHARE!

Walker Recall Effort Met with Multiple Death Threats Against Advocates

Daily Kos: Walker Recall: Witness to a felony.

"Walker signs bills affecting schools " by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

"Walker doesn't appear in second campaign ad" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Recall Walker petitioner removed from Hedberg library entrance -- GazetteXtra

Rep. Baldwin not a guaranteed vote against Stop Online Piracy Act

Wall Photos

Sly In The Morning: Madison Teachers Inc President John Matthews: Instrumentality Debate

ALEC Bills in Wisconsin | Center for Media and Democracy

One WI Now Press Conference

Does Not Look Legit: Signature Fest and “Wisconsin Recall Movement” Letter

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