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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saturday - Thursday Protest News Round Up

Yuri Rashkin for State Assembly - Yuri Listens

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Flush the Governor / Recall Walker product idea

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: RECALL hat silent auction!! All proceeds will go to United Wisconsi

Meet Scott Walker, Sultan of Wisconsin |

Stand With Striking Machinists at Manitowoc Cranes

Gov. Walker launches 3rd TV ad as recall campaign heats up

Re: New and Improved Method for Silencing Dissenting Voices by RoseGardener » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11

Wisconsin Senator Robert La Follette condemns corporate interference in government... in 1924

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - A Year Like No Other

Workers of Wisconsin Christmas Party

Walker appointee says workplace harassment of gays is legal | Milwaukee Gaze | Wisconsin Gazette - L

Officials mum on handling violations of new Capitol access rules - JSOnline

Governor has kept his promises - JSOnline

Sen. Taylor: Unveils plan creating

Scott Walker Recall: Mark Miller, Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader, Sees Legislative Gridlock Ahead

Worst Persons: David Crocker, Newt Gingrich and Scott Walker - Countdown with Keith Olbermann // 

Arrests in Connection with Recall Effort in Wisconsin

Path to Prosperity

That Fascist Bastard Scott Walker

WI GOP Friend And Sarah Palin-Loving Cop, Assaults And Injures 11 Yr Old Girl

scott walker fascist bastard - Google Search

Walker has not been honest - JSOnline

Emma's Arm

Rebecca Klownfisch

Madison Activist Tour

Legislature’s Website Deliberately Giving Wrong Answers on “Who Represents Me?”

Nobody Buys Today’s DOA Disinformation at Wisconsin Capitol

Has Walker Delivered More Jobs?

Waukesha County Reports Election Results First

The Group Behind the Republican Takeover

Keith Olbermann Tears ‘Fascist Bastard’ Scott Walker A New One

Wisconsin can’t afford three more years of Scott Walker

National Exposure only adds to Operation Burn Notice hubris

State, counties spread misinformation, may discourage many from getting voter IDs

Governor Walker In Wausau For Bill Signing

Federal Court Rules Videotaping Police Is A First Amendment Right

Operation Boardwalk Details Revealed | Autonomous Solidarity Organization

ASO Clarifies DOA's New Rules on WORT | Autonomous Solidarity Organization


On Politics: Walker administration slammed over new Capitol permit policy

Biz Beat: Wis lags neighboring states in 12-month job growth

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Kleefisch attacks collective bargaining in new ad | The Raw Story

Checking And Double Checking Recall Petitions

Democurmudgeon: Walker's Cuts to Education Hurting Special Education Students Hard.

Walker Claims Recall Petition Circulators Are Being Paid

Weekly Notes from the Brown County Dems

A disturbing trend emerges as Walker quietly undermines landmark nondiscrimination laws

New Facebook Abuse and GOP Attack Tactic

Scott Walker’s New Policy May Result In Protesters Being Charged For The Pepper Spray Used Against T

Illinois 30,000 Jobs - Wisconsin -9700 Jobs - Way to Go Walker

State, counties spread misinformation, may discourage many from getting voter IDs

New Tool Lets Families Calculate How Much Money Middle Class Tax Cut Would Put In Their Pocket

What Price Protest? : Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog

Wis. To Require Permits For Protests In Capitol : NPR

Senator Taylor Speaks Out Against Right-Wing Accusations

Monologues of Dissent: Educators and Walker Collaborate Toward his Recall

Wis. ACLU, State Legislator, Activists Challenge Walker’s Rule Restricting Free Speech in Capitol

Corruption From the Top Down? - Walkers Reason

Fond du Lac Dems Holiday Brunch Sunday, December 11Th


Sly In The Morning: Solidarity Singers Leader Chris Reeder

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Singers, Spectrum, Cain, Koch

Voter Caging Group Starts Website

Madison360: Scott Walker's new narrative is just as phony as the old one

State DOJ plans to reduce sex assault victim grants by 42.5 percent

"GOVERNOR - GO FOR IT, TIM! What about a bi-partisan TICKET with Dale Schultz?" by We the People -

Scott Walker Recall Effort - In Wisconsin, a Recall Effort Belies a Progressive Comeback, by Charles

Angela Smillie for Janesville City Council

Nine Reasons Not to Believe Scott Walker

Cullen says he would run for governor in recall election -- GazetteXtra

Sam Liebert's Blog: Tim Cullen for Governor

Cathy Myers for County Supervisor, District 24

Walker Recall in Full Swing!!

Don't Think Cheating Isn't being Encouraged For The Recall of Walker? - CudahyNOW

History of Christmas Trees

Scott Walker Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 12-211

One Wisconsin Now says it’s legal to sign Walker recall petitions more than once

ALEC and Bill Gates, the Mask Comes Off

Veterans Affairs: Walker budget endangers trust fund

UPDATED: Man Arrested in Washington County for Defacing Recall Petitions | Blogging Blue - Blogging.

Gov. Walker: Encouraging Educator Effectiveness

Diary of A Mad Recall Petitioner

I hear that Wisconsin Right To Life got into a little trouble with the law. Isn’t that speciallll.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Was For Recalls Before He Was Against Them | The Nation

Monologues of Dissent: The cowardly "courage" of Scott Walker

How the Grinch Rescheduled Christmas

Emma delivers a holiday greeting to Governor Walker

John Nichols: Walker used to like recalls

Inside, at Night - Origins of an Uprising

West Bend man held for defacing petition, police say - JSOnline

The price of freedom comes due in Madison - JSOnline

Kids For Cash Judge Gets 28 Year Prison Sentence

Protest Group Says It Won't Get Capitol Permit

Scott Walker Blows Off School Children, Further Ignores First Amendment And Throws Ceremony To Honor

Voter ID becomes law of unintended consequences

The Capitol Police deck the halls...

Man arrested by West Bend Police on 2 Felony Counts of Defacing Recall Petitions in Washington Count

Wis. Gov. Scott Walker says the St. Norbert College poll has been repeatedly wrong

Monologues of Dissent: Your inferiority - it's not that complex

Sen. Tim Cullen considers recall run against Gov. Walker - JSOnline

Daily Kos: A new holiday songbook for the recall movement

Daily Kos: Recall Walker and Overpass Activism: We Really Do Need Whistles!

Part 1: Wisc. Recall opponents resort to threats, 'banana republic' tactics

On Politics: Capitol tree lighting draws protesters, signs

Democurmudgeon: Walker thugs Shred Recall Petitions, Walker Administration Shreds Constitution to pr

Oh Holiday Tree, Oh Holiday Treeee... 12/02/11

Republicans withdraw redistricting lawsuit with state Supreme Court - JSOnline

"Cullen wants to run for governor" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Veterans Affairs: Walker budget endangers trust fund

Recall Walker Video

Walker vows to crush 'union bosses' - MJ Lee

Walker lights Christmas tree among protesters

MADISON: Capitol protesters on the hook for security costs

Despite A 0.0002 Percent Rate Of Voter Fraud, Reince Priebus Claims Wisconsin Is ‘Riddled With Voter

Walker Makes Like a Tree and Gets Outta Here | Defend Wisconsin

Scott Walker Wants to Charge for 1st Amendment Rights

Immunity sought for another person in probe of Walker aides - JSOnline

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions - Forb

Watertown Recall: Watertown Recall of Gov. Walker and Friends

Protesters vow to ignore new Capitol rules

Breaking – Immunity for another person sought in Walker John Doe Investigation

Spontaneous Sing-a-Long for Recall Walker at the Capitol

Walker intends to charge citizens fee to protest | The Raw Story

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker braces for recall effort - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Wis. Gov. Walker: Wisconsin Residents 'Sick of' Strong-Arm Union Tactics

Wisconsin joins top governors' races - David Catanese

Walker administration alters protest permit requirements - JSOnline

Biz Beat: Wisconsin & Southern buyer calls Koch its largest customer

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