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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poll shows Jon Erpenbach with most support, Tom Barrett with least

According to the results of a non scientific poll conducted by Defend Wisconsin News Round Up via our Facebook page, by far the greatest number of people support the candidacy of Jon Erpenbach for Governor of Wisconsin.

The question asked was as follows: "Who do you support in the race for Governor?  Let's presume Russ will not run and that we will all support whoever the nominee is in the end".   During approximately 24 hour period, 337 people cast their vote and Jon Erpenbach candidacy gathered 120 votes.  The next closest runners up: Peter Barca, Russ Feingold and Dave Obey, got 41 votes each. Kathleen Vinehout garnered 20 votes, Ron Kind and Doug La Follette got 16 votes each, Mahlon Mitchell 11 votes, Kathleen Falk 8 votes, Dave Hansen, Lena Taylor, Tim Cullen and Scott Walker with 4 votes each,  Tommy Thompson 3 votes, Tom Barrett 2 votes, Herb Kohl 1 vote and Someone Else 1 vote.

Conclusions that can be drawn from these numbers:

1. Those who voted in this poll are active in the anti-Walker recall movement and are also active social media users.  These are the people who are looking for information, have passionate views and are actively looking to connect with others.  This may not be the majority of the electorate, but these are the people who are most likely to go and knock on doors for candidate of their choice.

2. Two of the top 4 vote getters - Jon Erpenbach and Russ Feingold - have already announced that they will not be running in the recall election.  This leaves a field of candidates that are not generating as much excitement but may prove to be just as able in unseating Walker in a recall election.

3. Last year's Democratic nominee for Governor - Tom Barrett - came in nearly at the bottom of the poll with 2 votes, with only Herb Kohl and Someone Else getting fewer votes.  In a scientific poll, getting 2 votes would be considered being within a margin of error, meaning statistically insignificant number.  Considering that Tom Barrett may be considering his options at this time, this may not be the best omen for his candidacy as a gubernatorial candidate.  

4. While I am personally a fan of a primary, findings of this poll present arguments both for and against having a primary to determine the eventual Democratic nominee to take on Scott Walker.  With the most popular candidates sitting the recall out, it may be a battle between those that the public feels lukewarm about versus candidates that inspire no enthusiasm whatsoever from those most passionate about recalling the Governor.  Anyone of these potential candidates could potentially beat Scott Walker in an election, especially with the job picture showing no signs of improvement.  But with all the advantages held by Scott Walker - money, having a head start on any competition, and more money - having a primary may be a great way for Democrats to create a leader who will come out of a friendly contest with better name recognition, time to create a brand and time to raise money.

In the end, a question: why are those most likely to win, chose to not participate?

By the way, voting is still open so here's your chance to weigh in:  Vote!


  1. Maybe we can encourage Feingold to run for Lt. Gov with K. Falk. OR Maybe he can run as Gov for a sure WIN and then he could resign and let her be the Gov :) I know...dreaming but we need someone who can WIN....

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