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Monday, January 16, 2012

January 7 - January 16 Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Scott Walker PR blunder in Janesville

Yuri Rashkin: My Platform - What I Believe In

Skating in front of the Capitol in Giant letter that spell RECALL. Thanks to Stanley Jackson for the pic!

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Recall Heros

Conservative think tank states case for tying teacher pay to success of a school

Corporate Interests Trump People in Walker’s Wisconsin

Walker MLK DAY – Dismantling the Black Vote

Judge To Hear Arguments In Voter ID Lawsuit

DMV expands location, hours across Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Walker at Superior airport for jobs announcement | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisc

Homelessness a growing, hidden problem in rural Wisconsin | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisconsin

Dems want federal review of voter ID law (AUDIO)

Walker to attend MLK events in Madison, Milwaukee - JSOnline

John Doe investigation: When was shortfall reported?

How Fares the Dream?

Scott Walker Recall Drive Is Closely Watched

David Beats Goliath – Wisconsin Style

Is Your Senator Representing Charles and David Koch? |

Investigations against Gov. Scott Walker appointees raise questions about reporting of allegations

Total Recall: What to watch for on Wisconsin Recall Signature Turn-in Day

ALEC Politician Claims ALEC Meetings Are "Open to the Public." Really? | Center for Media and Democr

Wisconsin, Minnesota ponder expanding Amtrak service - JSOnline

GOP focused on passing only four bills during new Legislature session

George Newago- 'Don't pee in my Cheerios'

Kelda Announces Opposition to SOPA/PIPA

Wisconsin Club for Growth says Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett saved $25 million in the city budget than

"CAN WALKER" PARTY! - Mt.Horeb | Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

GAB To Review Recall Petitions In Secure Location

Judge To Hear Arguments In Voter ID Lawsuit

ALEC Accountability Act set for introduction in Arizona

Official fears election problems -- GazetteXtra

Democratic Chairman Predicts 720,000 Signatures

Republican faithful gear up to defend Walker - JSOnline

Time to Amend - Let's get candidates to pick this issue up. by RoseGardener » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:


"Remove Gableman? Not so fast!" by We the People -- GazetteXtra

Will Scott Walker have to swear to tell the truth? Kavanaugh pleads not guilty

Wisconsin Protests 2011

Open Letter to Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

Walker Enlists Karl Rove Protégé to Promote New Protest Policy | Center for Media and Democracy

Plain Talk: High court opened door to legalized bribery

Possible Democratic candidates to run in 2012 Recall Races for Governor (Poll) - Scott Walker Watch

Larson Acres foes seek to have Gableman recused from case -- GazetteXtra

Thompson visits city as part of Senate campaign -- GazetteXtra

Janesville - Rock County: Prohibiting Employees From Signing Petitions Should be a Crime

Lawsuit, judge ruling cause delay in recall review « Wisconsin Law Journal

Stuff Done in the Past Year That I Never Thought I'd Do

Like we've been saying: Under Walker and the GOP, Wisconsin government haste makes waste

The Hypocrisy of Jeff Fitzgerald, Wisconsin Republicans

BIZARRE: Scott Walker Health Czar Picks Inexperienced Texas Home-Schooled Nurse for Top Post

Scott Walker Billboard Brags About Job Creation To Empty Factory Yard

Recall: An End in Sight - Part Two

Rumor Has It 1,500,000 Signatures!

Gableman’s links to Koch Industries make impartiality impossible

An Interview with Ian Murphy -- the 'fake' David Koch

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) under scrutiny over $10 million payment

Monologues of Dissent: Things We Do for Free: An Open Letter to Russ Feingold

22 Dem lawmakers ask U.S. DOJ to review Wisconsin voter ID law

Recall Walker Anthem (Hip-Hop)

Tommy Thompson Addresses Forward Janesville Members - Home Page Videos - Video Player :: Local Visio


Letter to the Attorney General Announcement

Tea Party Enters the Wisconsin Recall Fray

Fight on, Wisconsin

Wisconsin ALEC Republicans Caught Breaking the Law by Ignoring Treaty Rights; Fitzgerald Announces F

Assembly puts off mining bill for a week - JSOnline

Fitzgearald Recall Organizer Lori Compass Makes A Special Announcement 1-13-12

State dems blast new public health officer as unqualified - JSOnline

NBC Chicago : Cutler Among Footballers Lobbying Against Right-to-Work Legislation

Scott Walker Collective Bargaining Law: Government Workers Retired In Record Numbers In 2011

Democrats Targeted for Recall – Nada, None, Zero-WHY?

Badger Blue, Times Two: Contempt, thy name is Fitzgerald

$100K targeted for software for recall petitions

Recall Fitzgerald: Republican speaks out against State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald

Wisc. Recall Supporters Confident, But GOP Has Sway : NPR

Battle Lines Stark as Wis. Recall Push Nears End

The Polarizer: A look at what makes Scott Walker tick

Group says it has enough signatures to recall Fitzgerald - JSOnline

Capitol Report: State superintendent Tony Evers calls on Assembly to 'keep promise,' close voucher l

Sen. Fitzgerald files suit challenging end date to collect recall signatures

Chutzpah, Thy Name Is Scott 'Inept' Walker

America Isn’t a Corporation

Watching Scotty Go


UPDATE: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald Recall Effort

Filmmaker Seeks Support for "Wisconsin Rising" Film | Center for Media and Democracy

Wisconsin governor determined to survive recall threat - HUMAN EVENTS

In The News : Milwaukee Area Labor Council AFL-CIO

Scott Walker - SourceWatch

Sources Tell 12 News Organizers Have Enough Signatures To Trigger Recall Election

Mining Bill Hearing in the Northwoods – how public and who benefits?

Petition review will take longer than 60 days, delaying Wisconsin recall election -

Wisconsin Dems To Deliver Walker Recall Petitions Next Week

Jim DeMint: 'We Really Need Someone Like A Gov. Scott Walker' In The White House

Texas Workers Stand with Wisconsin

BOR: Austinites Rally Against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Gov. Walker's fateful decision on rail - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Fitzgerald files complaint over recall timing

Fitzgerald has that Kapanke LOOK

Russ Feingold for Wisconsin Governor

Venture capital bill gains support - Milwaukee - The Business Journal

Signature review in recall election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to take longer than original.

Wisconsin Democrats Use Scott Walker Aides' Scandal To Raise Money

Badger Blue, Times Two: Not your average liberal

As Recall Wraps Up, Scott Walker Dodges Snow to Kiss Rings of Extremist Texas Donors

Local Walker Recall Effort to Surpass Goal

Walker Billboard Removed and soon Walker himself!

Republican Redistricting Rush sends Wisconsinites to Africa?

#occupyaustin mic checks Walker in Hilton

Wisconsin Recall Roadtrip: Wausau and Tomahawk |

Elections board to create database of those who sign recall petitions - JSOnline

Chants of "Recall Walker" echoing in Austin, Texas to welcome Gov. Walkerphoto

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the state's jobs data is unreliable

The Maddow Blog - Wisconsin, you're voting in Africa now

200 Miles of Wisconsin- Recall Signs Pave the Way

Host of GOP Heavyweights Slated for Pro-Walker Rally in Wauwatosa

Free Bus Ride to Madison Jan 17th for Monona Terrace Celebration!

#massive fail | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

Walker Pulls a Perry -- Uh Oooops

Daily Kos: Scott Walker Billboard Fail (another Bwuhahaha moment)

Democratic legislator seeks Gableman's ouster - JSOnline

In Focus 1/09/12- Jim Schneider with Sen. Glenn Grothman; Recalls and Bills

Reddit Clobbers Rep. Ryan Into Opposing SOPA


Errors in redistricting process could affect thousands of voters


Fitzgerald Recall : Movin' Right Along

Will Doug La Follette Run for Governor?

Senator Erpenbach: We Want You to Run for Governor.

Rock/Walworth Lincoln Day Dinner

GOP lawyers must pay Democrats' attorneys $17,500 - JSOnline

Brookfield woman Slugs Recall Petitioner, caught on tape


Walker's waste panel finds $456 million savings

Milwaukee County DA Alleges Scott Walker Website Paid For With Embezzled Funds

Governor's spokesman is abusing his position

Protesters rally at Lincoln Hills School over union T-shirt fight

Another ethics complaint filed against Justice Gableman

"Democrats call Walker's waste report misleading " by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Brookfield woman cited after recall dispute caught on tape

News :: Walker's Policies Are Killing Wisconsin's Economy :: The Shepherd Express: Milwaukee's best.

Hey Scot Walker

Hurley: Waukesha of the North, except sometimes they get caught

Worley Dervish: 2012 Talking Points: Rachel, Thomas, George, and Me

Both sides see positive news in latest revelations from Walker staff investigation

Ed Garvey: ‘Open’ primary needed to pick Walker challenger

Daily Kos: Scott Walker's assault on the environment: An affront to Wisconsin's Heritage

Kleefisch: 'I'll Be Back On The Ballot'

"Walker setting up new education council" by Latest News -- GazetteXtra

Pro-Walker Rally on Sat Jan 21 | Republican Party of Milwaukee County

Waukesha County Judge Mac Davis does what Walker, Legislature couldn’t – changed recall law, in poli

Wisconsin jobs meter is moving the wrong direction - BizTimes

Thought Control: Right-Wing Koch Brothers Caught Telling Thousands of Employees How to Vote

Scott Walker Does It His Way

Walker Sues to Stick Taxpayers With Campaign Tab Despite Being Able to Raise Unlimited Money

AFP, reality t.v., and Wisconsin GOP | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

Herb Kohl endorses Tammy Baldwin for Senate

Total Recall: Signatures continue to accumulate, slowly, in final "recalliday" weekend; election tim

Lena Taylor: I didn’t want to be on the side of history that remained silent | Wisdom Voices

Say Republican! I Mean Unethical - Walker's Website Woes

Rob Zerban Posts Strong Fundraising Numbers Against Paul Ryan | Rob Zerban For Congress

DNR: Mining Bill Could Cost Agency Millions


Dozens of Green Bay teachers to retire this month

Friends of Scott Walker v. GAB Changes the Recall Rules Mid-Stream : Marquette University Law School

Walker recall signatures 'rolling in by the thousands'

Ex-Walker aide was part of inner circle - JSOnline

Civil Discourse
PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

Scott Walker Failures Timeline

John Nichols: Walker appeals to GOP’s labor-bashing zealots

Governor Walker Should Be Flogged For His Inability To Control His Underlings

Sunday Satire: Walker Team Issues Down-Sized Bible: Incentive for Corporate Job Producers

Continuing Assault on Unions

Dozens gather in West Bend to show support for Governor Walker

Supporters Of Gov. Walker Rally Against Recall

A response to Gov. Scott Walker: Thanks but no thanks for the 'savings' - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Daily Kos: Announcing: Daily Kos National Recall Walker Week! (Action Diary)

Cop who responded to complaint had already signed recall petitions

Love him or hate him |

Wisconsin Recall: We Are What Democracy Looks Like

Fitzgerald Recall – A True Grassroots Movement

Regardless Of Outcome, Walker Recall Already A Success

Open Letter To Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Monologues of Dissent: Walker's "revised" update: less math, more lies?

Hartmann: Wisconsin Dems fire up Walker recall campaign

Accused embezzler Tim Russell also Milwaukee County GOP treasurer

Wisconsin’s Unsung Heroes

Walker recall would cost $9 million - JSOnline

Petition Turn-in Celebration!!!

Scott Walker GOP victory center opens in Waukesha: getting out the message


Im So Disappointed In Scott Walker

Graeme Zielinski shares the latest on the Wisconsin recall effort and the scandal touching Scott Wal

AFSCME Local 1 - Member's Eye View: The Most Important Recall Weekend

Wis. Republicans Push Last Ditch Legislation

Wisconsin Gov. Walker: Unions ‘want me dead’

Nose Plugging Is Now Illegal; Welcome To Fitzwalkerstan

Walker ordered transfer of control of veterans event funds - JSOnline

Column: Why U.S. should cheer for Scott Walker

Cognitive Dissidence: Walkergate: The Tim Russell Tangent

Wisconsin's GOP assembly speaker, attorney general agree: Gov. Walker will face recall race in 2012.

2012's top unanswered questions - Alex Isenstadt

DJ Nick Nice spins tunes and fights Gov. Walker - Isthmus | The Daily Page

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