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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Jenna Pope Joint Legislative Hearing at 1pm tomorrow Tuesday 9/27 at WI Capital in Room 328NW - Urgent that any progressive citizens who can get to Madison be there and make their voices heard in person to protest a sudden attempt to further restrict the right of college students to vote using student IDs and the right of Wisconsinites to download their own petitions to recall elected officials - copy and repost!

Facebook!!! FLASH MOB TIME!!! SHARE!! We only have 1 HOUR to MOBILIZE!!
From Paul Ryan's FB page:

"LIVE at NOON CT today on this Facebook page, you can watch my health-care speech from Stanford’s Hoover Institution, titled: “The Optimist’s Guide to Repeal & Replace.” The President’s new health care law has made things worse. Going forward with real reform, the defining question in health care remains: Who is in charge? The government or the patient?"
For more information visit:

Jon Erpenbach
...I will not be running for Congress next year. Instead, I choose to stay here and fight. I will continue to meet every good intention on the part of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle with good faith of my own, because we can and must move forwward. We must bring back to our state the rights and respect Wisconsinites deserve. A better, stronger Wisconsin for our kids and their families is at stake, and that is a future worth fighting for.
Speak Out for Wisconsin Public Schools

2012 Elections: Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control

Walker’s ‘bipartisan’ as long as he gets his way

Chalkboard: MTI to accept national award for helping organize protests

Jobs Rally

Is Scott Walker Two-Timing His Political Cronies? |

Sly In The Morning: Walker Stalkers In Studio

Elizabeth Warren Endorsed By Russ Feingold

Sly In The Morning: Cheese Under Attack In Wisconsin?

Sly In The Morning: Drug Dogs Approved For Madison Public Schools

Jorgensen’s Journal: Republican Raid of Clean Campaign Fund Wronged Taxpayers, Political Underdogs

Wisconsin Wire: Cronyism Amok In WI, New Connections Revealed!

Required community service? - Eau Claire Speak Out [HQ]

Sun Prairie Liberal On Walker and Education

The State Of Education: The Governor’s Perspective

Heard in Wisconsin: 'Collective bargaining is alive and well'

Lawmaker pushes to restore public financing for elections

Advocates, Democrat Push For Public Financing

A call to restore public financing

Milwaukee mayor's budget cuts 12 firefighter jobs - JSOnline

Hallis D Mailen
Day 104, and only a week away from roadtrip to DC!!! First batch of Madison business supporters for the trip. Please thank them: Ian's Pizza, Michelangelo's Coffeehouse, 5 Guys Burgers, Esspresso Royale Cafe, Vic's Popcorn, and the Madison Downtown Merchant's Association!!! We aim to make them proud. Solidarity forever!!!
Concerned Chippewa Citizens 4

Reps. Pocan, Hulsey, Berceau and Taylor: Robbing workers to pay political cronies

Walker Backers Watching Walker Stalkers acknowledges that it's all about reaching the goal of defeating the recalls while attempting to vilify his opponents: "Yuri do you understand how politics work? I do not run this page to be "fair". I run it to achieve a goal. If I have to stoop to a do as I say not as I do attitude it is only because my adversaries have put me into position to do it."

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