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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Protest News Round Up

Daily Kos: Wisconsin official tells DMV employees to 'refrain from offering' information on free vot

State employee fired after telling co-workers about photo ID policy - JSOnline

A letter sent to Gov. Scott Walker by Dane County Board supervisors and Madison City Council members asks that a provision in a landlord-tenant bill (SB 107) that allows landlords to deny housing to tenants with criminal histories be removed because it discriminates against African – Americans and will lead to a return of housing segregation based on race.
Join the Rally to Defend Tenants’ Rights and Welcome the Legislature back to the Capitol on Tuesday, September 13th

COFFEE WITH ROB ZERBAN - 11:15 am Monday, September 12 in Janesville

New private high school welcomes students — Building still being set up


Lindsey Graham Backs Federal Voter ID Law, Calls Restrictions 'The Future Of The Country'

Vice President Joe Biden says Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal would eliminate Medicare in 10 years rated as "False" by PolitiFact

Voter ID Laws In Wisconsin Target Latino Voters

Want to Boycott the Koch Brothers' Products? Here's Where to Start

Protest over the firing of Chris Larsen #wiunion

Koch Brothers Caught On Tape - Obama & Osama Compared

Wisconsin Budget Project: New Census Data Show Wisconsin has Lean Public Sector

GAB: It’s unclear whether governor and lieutenant could be recalled under a single petition | Defend

Mayoral Candidate Kloiber Responds To Chvala Case Scrutiny | Ashland Current

W.P.I.N.: State employee fired after telling co-workers about photo ID policy - JSOnline

Lisa Wells

GOP Senators Trot Out Hans von Spakovsky To Defend Voter ID Laws

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

‎"Knot My Wisconsin" is a group filled with hate speech that really needs to be stopped. Please help.
Here is how:
1. Go to this link and at the bottom of the page click "Report Group"
2. click on Hate speech and choose "Targets based on gender and orientation"click continue.
3. Check the box for report to facebook.
It's as easy as that - and this group deserves it in a big way.Knot My Wisconsin

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  1. These "Knot My Wisconsin" people seem to be the same troglodytes that are putting out the "Operation Burn Notice" page. Both pages are currently down. But if history holds true, the OBN page will be back up later this morning.