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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday Protest News Round Up

Just so we're clear:
Study: The More a Country Taxes the Rich, the Happier its People - Politics - GOOD

The Political Environment: Wisconsin Officials: Free WI Voter ID Not Issued Free Is Not Not Wrong

Walker Never Listens - YouTube

Call Your Board Members Re: Mining | Ashland Current

Wisconsin Legislature sets just one work day this month - JSOnline

This is What Contempt Looks Like: | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger State

Plain Talk: Who’d want to be a teacher?

League of Women Voters' Melanie G. Ramey: Lawsuit defends voting rights, upholds state constitution

Ryan's Approach to 71-Year-Old Dissenting Constituent: Tackle, Handcuff, Arrest, Disdain

State Supreme Court dispute may be tough to decide

MPS fast-tracks proposal to make 'voucher tax' transparent - JSOnline

JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Candyman Paul Ryan, Obama's 9/11, Chris Larsen's Voter ID nightmar

Sly In The Morning: Paul "Candyman" Ryan - Sorry you're unemployed; how 'bout a sucker?

Pocan Announces Run For Congress

Gov. Walker in the City of Brotherly Love - JSOnline

The Committee To Begin To Get Pledgers To Pledge To Recall Recalls

Wisconsin Rep. Brett Hulsey says only one of 376 bill amendments proposed by a Democrat was adopted.

Wisconsin state employee Azael Brodhead fined for honking at Gov. Scott Walker home | Green Bay Pres

Republicans say Wisconsin Legislature will focus on jobs

Anchor Scott Walker Interviews Governor Scott Walker While In Wisconsin

As Scott Walker Retreats on Jobs Promises

FdL gets $200,000 for charter school | Fond du Lac Reporter |

Is Horn Honking Protected Free Speech?

Pledgers Pledge to Stamp Out Anti Walker Pledgers

Fighting Bob Fest 10

Colleges could issue stickers for IDs so they could be used to vote - JSOnline

Voter ID lawsuit almost ready

Mobile Update: New Jobs Bill's Impact On Wisconsin Construction Industry

USW The Fighting Spirit

Rally to Defend Tenants’ Rights and Welcome the Legislature back to the Capitol | Defend Wisconsin

Watch this and feel your contempt for Paul Ryan shoot up 1,000% |

City of Madison VoterID Workshops | Defend Wisconsin

The Attack on Public Education & the “Fight Back”: A Forum with Bill Ayers

Call your legislator now! They aren't able to stop clean elections through the courts so the Republicans are hoping to pass this extreme piece of legislation tomorrow on the floor to remove the power of the GAB to require disclosure of donors to issue ads. Shouldn't the voters have the right to know who is influencing elections?
Wisconsin Legislature: AB196: Bill Text
Fitzgerald, Suder, Kramer, and Ballweg Vote Against Jobs

Allowing stickers on student IDs approved by GAB

State Representative Andy JorgensenI just wrapped up a round of listening sessions in Jefferson and Fort Atkinson today, and kept hearing this question: what's being done to create jobs?
Unfortunately , Republican leaders are off to a "slow start." (You don't have to take my word for it, check out the linked story.)
If they really cared about job creation, they'll schedule my MMAKE package for a vote; that would boost Wisconsin's mid-sized manufacturers and create more opportunities at all levels of industry for our workers.Legislature meets for the first time since recalls

Corporations Represented on ALEC's Private Enterprise Board Are Big Spenders in Washington - OpenSec

Walker protester honks off troopers - JSOnline

The Paul Ryan Watch: A Front Row Seat; Paul Ryan at the Janesville Labor Day Parade!!

Citizen Dave: Madison should strive to be a small New York, not a big Richland Center - Citizen Dave

Walker Admits 250,000 Jobs Will Be Tough

WI Assembly Camera Flash Mob, Protect Your Rights and Shed Some Light

Keep On Walking

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - Defaming Wisconsin, Desecrating Democracy

Urgent :AB196 on Tuesday Calendar to remove Corporate reporting requirements, limit GAB oversight of

Wealthy Wisconsin Heir Speaks at Koch Brothers Meeting | Center for Media and Democracy

Some seek to use hunter education classes to qualify for concealed-carry permit

City of Madison VoterID Workshops | Defend Wisconsin

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