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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Protest News Round Up

Selling out public schools: Millions of dollars are changing face of education

I Sense a Pattern!

Someone should tell Rick Esenberg there’s a difference between a crime and a non-crime

Wall Photos

Protesting Scott Walker and The Croquet Ballers |

Cognitive Dissidence: Van Hollen's Abdication Of Duties Continues

Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin is broke and $3 billion in debt

WHY? J.B. Van Hollen Jumps at Michael McGee, Declines to Help in Scott Walker Probe

Monologues of Dissent: Scott Walker vs the State of Education: An open letter to Brian Williams

boat protest of fancy-time croquet party

Revolution! (part 2)

Boat Protest on lake in front of Governor's mansion | nick nice's Playlists

The assembly hearing on the personal jurisdiction bill Event Detail

Wisconsin's median income plummets, census figures show - JSOnline

Wall Photos

Walker letter

The epic arrogance of Scott Walker

“Walkergate” Update: Archer Emails, and Van Hollen partisanship


Budget Blog: Darling, Grothman say Taylor should be removed from JFC

Lena C. Taylor
MILWAUKEE-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Black Caucus Chair Stephanie Findley following news that Scott Walker ally J.B. Van Hollen declined to assist Milwaukee prosecutors in a corruption probe of Scott Walker, after jumping at the opportunity to help in investigating former Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee. "J..B. Van Hollen owes citizens, African-Americans in particular, an answer to questions why he and his office leapt at the opportunity to help in the prosecution of former Ald. Michael McGee Jr., even while his hyper-partisan office declined the request for aid in the investigation of his close "Tea Party" ally Scott Walker. Time-and-again, Republicans have insisted that there need be no attention paid to discrimination in law enforcement activities, to the point that Walker signed away protections designed to track and detail so-called "racial profiling." Van Hollen, meanwhile, has been a willing accomplice in creating the fraudulent narrative of widespread "voter fraud," that lead to Jim Crow-style suppression legislation that is among the most severe in the country, and which affects African-Americans the most. In creating this phony narrative, Van Hollen offered up any and all resources of his office. But now, his office cannot lift a finger. So, we ask, why does Wisconsin's top cop jump to help prosecutors in the investigation of a black elected official, while declining the same help when the tables are turned on his political partner?"

J Eric Cobb
To the protestors: Seriously you guys, you all really need to grow up. Grow up, cut your hair, get a real job after dropping out of college, run for office, become a shady politician, sell out your humanity, behave as a "good citizen should" by telling everyone else what to do, do everything your telling others not to, stab others in the back, lie to everyone, pretend everything is OK, don't fight for anything right, don't stand up for anything that matters, sell your soul for $1, laugh at others in pain, burn the constitution while wrapped in the American flag, pretend it's OK to take away other's rights, beat your kids, cheat on your spouse, drive while drunk, condone the abuse of animals, the environment, the poor, people of color and gays, force your religion on everyone, shoot down anyone different than you or that has a different opinion than yours, kill the innocent, praise the guilty, and while you're at it, ignore any other fellow human being who even tries to ask for your help. Now you're all grown up... Welcome to adulthood.

Weekly Larson Report: New Obstacles to Getting to Work and the Fight to Save Milwaukee County Public Transit

Chris Larson
Just finished with "Governor Walker's Commission on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse". They ignored the fact that one commission member, Cynthia Archer, resigned without explanation while her transfer to a new political position that gave her a 60% salary increase from the previous person. And she has yet to show up for it. Nothing discussed today had to do with fraud, waste, or abuse. Instead, Sen. Lasee wanted to talk about where the DOT puts flower beds. The level of absurdity for these Republicans continues to amaze me.

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