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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday Protest News Round Up

You may ask where is Wednesday Protest News Round Up but alas with all the Facebook changes, I'm not able to access links going back that far...If there were any good stories that were missed, please leave a comment with a link.  Thank you.

Brett Hulsey Demobilizing A Movement - YouTube

One Billion Americans For Clay Matthews Sacking WI Governor Scott Walker

Bad River Reservation of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians Press Confer...

John Nichols: Legislature should reverse Walker’s cronyism

Segway Jeremy Ryan
So Nass puts out a press release today saying that Chief Tubbs deserves a review and possible termination for being too soft on protesters... I just issued a press release agreeing he needs a review and possibly termination but not for being too soft, for violating our rights time and time again...

Mark Pocan
I don't know which troubling story about Scott Walker today I like more. The fact that he is trying to stop his staff member who was raided by the FBI from testifying in court in case she could speak the truth OR the fact that 6000 of the jobs he claims he created actually were created in other states. Give me an R, give me a E, give me a C......

Scott Walker will be in La Crosse on Thursday 9/22 at 2340 Enterprise Avenue which in Main Street Ingredients. We are meeting at 12:15PM for his 12:45PM arrival. Please spread the word!!

Wall Photos.  Just in case anyone has any questions...

Milwaukee Ironworkers
Tomorrow there will be a rally in Milwaukee in Solidarity with President Obama's speech in Ohio about investment in infrastructure to create jobs.

If you are interested in being part of this Rally for Jobs we will be meeting at the McDonalds: 920 W. North Ave, Milwaukee. at 10:45am. We will walk to the North Avenue - Hwy. 43 overpass.

Carpool / Caravan:
From Kenosha: UAW - 3615 Washington Road - Meet at 10am
From Racine: Shopko - Hwy 20/Washington Ave. - Meet at 10am

For those who drive with "carpoolers" you will be reimbursed gas mileage.

Please share this information with whomever you think may be interested in joining us and who will help us spread the word.

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