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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday Protest News Round Up

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Progressive Historians: History For Our Future

Recall Walker, Elect Peter Barca

Walker Handcuffs Government Accountability Board

Arrested for Silently Filming in a Wisconsin Assembly Hearing

Analysis by conservative group finds black and Hispanic students more likely to be admitted to UW-Ma

Will this reverberate in Wisconsin?
Tacoma teacher union contract rift hinges on money and class size

Shilling to take seat in Senate today

UW-Madison meeting on 'threat to diversity efforts'

» Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Grants Walker Foe’s Request to Make Recalls Easier, More

Sit-in to protest lawsuit against UW being filed by Koch-financed group

Capitol Report: Walker budget expands job options for jail inmates

Bodega Fundraiser for Jill Billings for Assembly

Sly In The Morning: Walker Stalkers Shower Janesville In Candy

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: GOP Debate, Paul Ryan's Bullying

Sly In The Morning: Kelda Helen Roys For Congress

Sly In The Morning: Arthur Kohl-Riggs: Our Freelance Correspondent

Editorial: DOT should reverse misguided free ID direction | The Oshkosh Northwestern | thenorthweste

SRD Training (Special Registration Deputy)

Freshman congressman moves outside his district - JSOnline

Mobile Uploads

Fallout From Chris Christie-Koch Brothers Exposé

Paul Ryan on jobless Wisconsinites: Let them eat candy

Walker aide who took leave already had new state job lined up - JSOnline

I Stand With Paul Krugman

For all you teachers out there

How Unions Can Help Restore the Middle Class | Economic Policy Institute

TAA Condemns Conservative Think Tank Attack on Diversity at UW-Madison | Defend Wisconsin

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Protesters storm press conference on UW admissions report

Wall Photos

Rally to Defend Tenants’ Rights and Welcome the Legislature back to the Capitol | Defend Wisconsin

CJ and Thi arrested
CJ and Thi arrested for quietly holding cameras in the Assembly gallery. CJ: "we’re tired of you telling us that we’re second class citizens. Assembly rules do not take precedence over state statutes." Rep. Radcliffe asks to suspend the rule that prohibits guests from recording Assembly proceedings: "These are citizens of our state who just want to sit here and videotape their representatives, and to have state troopers stationed there to drag them out puts the people and the state troopers in harm's way. It’s disturbing to me to see my fellow citizens dragged out of here for sitting there silently. Getting people to participate in the process of open government is important. I would ask the members of this body to suspend the rules and sit silently and videotape."
By: Rebecca Kemble

WDC warns of a "creeping fascism" in GOP backed bill to eliminate campaign finance transparency | Wi

BREAKING: Reid Ribble's Residency

Mining The Divide | Ashland Current

The Political Environment: Eugene Kane Says Voter ID Law Suppresses The Vote

Walker, other governers ask New York to relax ballast rules - JSOnline

WEAC has its own union troubles - JSOnline

Swearing In

Wisconsin Legislators Support Corporate Right to Secret Spending | Center for Media and Democracy Quorum Call: Waterways bill passes

Gov. Scott Walker Has Lost The War - Forbes

GAB offers speakers to help with voter ID issues

September Drinking Liberally

Sing Along Seventh Month

Play by GOP Fascist rules or be arrested in lawless Fitzwalkerstan (9.13.11)

Welcome to Fitzwalkerstan

Send Your Legislator Down The River" Event September 12, 2011

16 Democratic state senators; Do I hear 17? Going once, going twice ...

Reps. Pocan, Taylor: Legislators lend support to fired state worker

WI School Reformer: Milwaukee teacher blames the U.S. and western capitalism for the 9/11 attacks

Rally to Defend Diversity

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