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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday / Monday Protest News Round Up - Happy Labor Day!

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: What Are You Going To Do When Paul Ryan Walks By You?

Defend Wisconsin News Round Up: Dear Befuddled Republicans

I've been Reading!

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says a new tuition reciprocity deal with Minnesota makes college more affordable for WI residents" rated as "Pants on Fire" by PolitiFact

Labor Day: Brought To You In Part By The Enemy

The Political Environment: Again, Walker Speaks, And The Ruling is False+

In the meantime...Israeli protests: 430,000 take to streets to demand social justice

Labor Unions Made My Day

Labor Day Flotilla to the Governor's Mansion

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Labor Day, Middle Class Attacks - One Wisconsin Now

Labor Day Special: 15 Products I Bet You Didn't Know Were Union

Wisconsin #1 in school cuts...
New School Year Brings Steep Cuts in State Funding for Schools — Center on Budget and Policy Priorit

Paul Krugman Calls For Economic Sanity In A Politically Insane World

The Political Environment: Wisconsin Is #1 - - In Per-Pupil Cuts To Education

Jobs Will Follow a Strengthening of the Middle Class

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Wear Red for Labor Day: Stop Workplace Bullying

Curds, Brats, Beer, Polka, Unions! The Homegrown Revolution in Wisconsin | The Nation

Daily Kos: $500 a month less ...

U.S. DOL - The History of Labor Day

ALEC Releases Anti-Health Reform Playbook For GOP State Legislators

Insult and Injury Don't Deter Madison's Marathon Protester |

Support unions? Then use a union print shop! | Blogging Blue - Blogging Liberally in the Badger Sta

Legislators disagree over school choice group's training session

Atlas Mugged: The Ayn Rand Six Step

Neo-Nazi Rally in West Allis - WestAllisNOW

John Nichols: Justice Tour shouts ‘Solidarity!’

Chris Rickert: Opportunity disguised as union hurdle

Milwaukee recall TV ads topped $4 million - JSOnline

Wisconsin officials studying Minnesota's mine-approval process - JSOnline

Why Labor Day Is Important

Wis. special election set to replace assemblywoman

A WI Republican Union Nurse wishing all a Happy Labor Day Weekend! No TEApublicCONS in WI politics in 2012!

On the Neo-Nazi rally and the West Allis State Fair mobs |

Meet John Doe – in Wisconsin

Nothing to Celebrate: This Labor Day, Don't Party, Organize and Raise Hell! | This Can't Be Happenin

Watch videos about Labor Day and its long, deep history - Scott Walker Watch

Peace and social equality rally

Opposing view: Recalls restore accountability -

School Funding Reform for Wisconsin

Walker's letter to state employees

Daily Kos: Thousands of nurses storm 60 Congressional offices

Anti-nazi rally photos

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What You Will Not See On ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, et al.

Labor Day Celebration/Parade - Milwaukee

The "Where Is Paul Ryan" Sit In Activisits Get Locked Out

2011 Wisconsin protests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

Anti-Nazi protesters, riot police gather in West Allis - JSOnline

Monologues of Dissent: note to some dumb writer

Hands on Wisconsin: Hitler created jobs, too!

CityWIDE LPFM | Neighbor Radio - 99.1 FM

Labor Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Few marchers, large protest at Wis. neo-Nazi rally

Teapublican Senate Candidate Lasee explains why we should give teachers guns on Jon Stewart's The Da

Voting in Wisconsin Just Became A Lot More Difficult | MetaFilter

Wis. labor leaders look ahead following tough year

The Political Environment: Will Wisconsin Officials Find Federal Water Letter In Their Minnesota Fie

Monologues of Dissent: Back to School, and other reasons to recall Scott Walker

Guest post: Letter from the Northwest: What would Walker do?

Late Night Snack: Total Recall Heading for Wisconsin's King Walker

The Business of Education Reform

Liberal Wis. Justices: Gableman Assault Never Happened

Wisconsin Union Thugs


Labor Day by Timothy Riley |

Editorial: Where's The Will To Create Jobs?

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Protester Says MacIver Reporter 'Not Helping"

paul ryan walworth county fair - Critical Mention Report

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