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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Protest News Round Up

A Letter to Scott Walker From a Wisconsin Teacher

National Nurses United Soup Kitchen - September 1, 2011

National Teacher Sick-out

Frank Lasee plans to run for U.S. Senate - JSOnline

Contract Sunshine website falls short

John Nichols: Fines for dissent? Wisconsin’s voters say no!

Walker tells students to take a (tuition) hike | The UWM Post

Budget repair and liberal defiance | The Japan Times Online

MWR : Play written by Mennonite highlights Wisonsin budget dispute

The BRAD BLOG : Political Hurdles for League of Women Voters' State Constitutional Challenge to WI.

Main Street Contract for America | National Nurses United

Struggles past and present make for two fine Labor Day reads

DNR secretary weighs in on mining, deer and climate change - JSOnline

Call to restore recycling funding

Protester sues Capitol worker who popped balloon

Walker wants school task force to develop program for successful schools

Fighting Bob Fest 10

Wednesday is next deadline for Wis. no-call list

Sly In The Morning: Marty Beil - AFSCME Council 24: No Gloves, No Glory

Sue Wilson Reports: 2011 Wisconsin Media Reform Tour

LdF tribal dental center project wins approval - NewsoftheNorth.Net, Northwoods News

Prosser to step aside in case involving campaign attorney - JSOnline

Wisconsin’s “Winter Soldiers” stand in Solidarity with Chicago Teachers as Rahm Emanuel takes a page

Sly In The Morning: Sly @ August 25th Capitol Protest

Sly In The Morning: David Prosser's Charges Dropped - Vicki McKenna's Libido Skyrockets

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Prosser's Lies

Sly In The Morning: Sean Duffy's Hurt Feelings

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign - Take Action

Sly In The Morning: Miles Kristan: Arrested Thursday Driving On State Street

Sly In The Morning: Nurse DeAnne McEwan's Soup Kitchen

Sly In The Morning: 2013 Gov Conference Coming To Wisconsin?!?!? - Editorial by Tony Evers, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Sly In The Morning: Neil Heinen's disturbing editorial against pressing charges on Ron Blair

Sly In The Morning: Nick Kasmer: AFSCME Council 40

We the People | The White House

Sly In The Morning: Barbara Lawton: Shame On Dane County DA, Prosser, Walker, and NEIL HEINEN

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Neil's Idiocy, Walker on CNN

Sly In The Morning: Mike Riley: Neil's Careless Editorial

Sly In The Morning: Neil Heinen: Reponds to YOUR BLASTING

Sly In The Morning: Jeff Scott Olson - Leslie Peterson's Attorney

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Neil's "reaction", UW Game Day Parking, Chicago Teachers

Sly In The Morning: Wisconsin labor leaders join Chicago teachers for rally

Sly In The Morning: Wisconsin Republicans focusing on abortion after their labor massacre

Sly In The Morning: Segway Jeremy Ryan

Sly In The Morning: Steelworkers Fighting For Wisconsin

Sly In The Morning: A Post From Badger Democracy

Elected officials to paddle down river

Emily's Post: In defense -- and praise -- of public school teachers - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Welcome the Legislature back to the Capitol!

TAs return to class more financially stressed - Isthmus | The Daily Page

WI will be saved

Chalkboard: Trying to reform schools, with fewer resources

SCFL's annual LaborFest celebration

RE: An Open Letter to My Leftist Cats, and Scott Walker

yfrog Photo : Shared by annelyttle

Nick Zweifel: Don’t let Walker take credit for teachers’ good work

The Worley Dervish: Labor Day Road Trip!

In the meantime...'The most honorable profession' in Finland: Teacher

Simple acts of kindness

ROB ZERBAN - Campaign Video

Wisconsin Teachers Confront Walker |

Oshkosh superintendent promises to give teachers a voice, asks for public advocacy | The Oshkosh Nor

Politics blog: Club for Growth endorses Neumann

Voter ID Laws: Fake Solution to a Fake Problem

More Accusations Fly In Wisconsin Supreme Court -- And More Rebuttals

Labor Day Events in Madison & Around Wisconsin, 3 lists plus More

ALEC ‘Guide to Repealing ObamaCare’ echoes Florida legislative action

Full disclosure needed - JSOnline

Picket at Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery

Wall Photos

Wisconsin’s New Restrictive Voter Identification Law

Biz Beat: State pension chief raps GOP Legislature, steps down

Justices dispute Gableman account of second altercation involving Bradley

Prosser's conduct: Next steps

Is Your State Stealthily Privatizing Medicaid and Putting Patients at Risk? |

MADISON, Wis.: Wisconsin Republican Neumann announces Senate run | Politics |

Grimm Hears from Angry Cheesheads

"Thanks Labor Unions!" by On the bright side -- GazetteXtra

The Race to the Extreme Right Begins: Frank Lasee Joins Wisconsin Senate GOP Tea Party

Paul Ryan protest spreads to New York's 13th Congressional District

Rep. Taylor right to highlight revelations about Prosser’s politicization of high court

Teacher turnover: New class of educators entering the classroom

Walker's officials cherry-pick report - JSOnline

Blog: Wisconsin mayor stands up to union bullies

John Nichols: How will we pay for a new jobs push? Tell Paul Ryan to ‘Tax Wall Street’

Teacher Exodus In Wake Of Anti-Union Law In Wisconsin

Lawmakers May Soon Consider Changes To Abortion Laws

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