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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday night Onion tribute news round up

No arrests were reported following a gathering of 100,000 people, 50 farmers and a donkey placing UW reputation as the #1 party school in US in danger.

Chart compares tax breaks for wealthy vs government programs at risk.  Experts predict more money will be printed.

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette creates a hole in the space-time continuum to further delay the new law from taking effect.  "hole in space-time continuum" defined as 10 days.

Farmers roll in to Madison concerned new toxic law will be used to fertilize their fields.

People's Party outlines its agenda.  In response, the Tea Party promises 120% more crazy to consumers next year

100,000 people gather at Capitol.  Excited crowd creates new chant "April 5, come alive!"

Susan Sarandon joined 100,000 fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Madison, WI

Below: actual Ian's Pizza shirt

News agency issues a story summarizing an event.  Facts and figures included.

Rally to protest high gas prices of going to Madison to protest planned in Janesville.  Stop at the Courthouse on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 1 pm for details.

Tony Shalhoub mentions to protesters he's from Green Bay.  Emergency statue honoring the star of "Monk" to be unveiled next month at a special ceremony in Green Bay.

Atlanta, GA readers demand news on Wisconsin protests.  Relieved to learn it is still warmer in Georgia.

New York Times calls a group of state legislators "once near obscured."  In other news: 14 Wisconsin State Senators triumphantly arrive back in Madison.

As a sign of things to come, sending Governor Walker a message now comes at a cost.  On the upside, any amount is accepted

Cool new video of Wisconsin Protests released.  Association of Jerky-Moving People (AJMP) reviewed the video and expressed gratitude for fair treatment.

Contract reached between Madison Metropolitan School District and Madison Teachers Union.  As a sign of protest, Scott Walker promises to unfinish high school.

Gods must be crazy:  Chick Corea plays drums in a duet with a 15 year old pianist.

Latest video documenting Scott Walker failing to come out and greet his many constituents gathered in front of the Capitol

Zinn Education Project page on Labor history shows throughout history people work together to improve working conditions.  Unamused, Wisconsin State Legislature plans to ban alphabet.

Returning Democratic State Senators ask voters for help by voting in the future for Democrats instead of Republicans.  Voters expected to decide on April 5.

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