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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Letter To Representative Knilans

Representative Joe Knilans,

I am attaching the four letters I sent to those few Republicans who voted against Authoritarian Rule. Your vote for AB11 and the Corporatist giveaway at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE is recognized. You have declared yourself as one of the Governor Walker’s and the Fitzgerald’s “YES MEN” and that is truly sad.

You worked as a Union Member at one time and many Union Members specifically voted for you because of what you promised…Job Creation. It is quite apparent that you do not understand what you have done to embarrass yourself and your Constituents in District 44. I wrote to you previously and recommended that you represent us and not the Far Right Extreme Elements of your Republican Party. You chose not to hear us even after many of us recommended that you rethink your position on this non-job creation Bill.

Your bragging rights can now include the Walker takeover of Janesville including our Municipal Government, County Government, and our once excellent Education system: Janesville, BTC, and UW-Rock County. You have stripped the integrity of our entire area and our State government. You have trampled WE THE PEOPLE and this shameful vote will go down in Wisconsin History as a power grab of the Wealthiest of this state at the expense of the Middle Class and Less Fortunate.

You have taken away Badger Care, Senior Care, and Medicaid programs from those who need it most. You have taken away First Amendment Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and other rights so numerous I would have to write a book. This was no tough vote for you because you bought into the greediest elements both of this state and outside our state. You are enabling the destruction of our institutions as well as our environment.

This was a totally reckless and irresponsible vote that reflects your lack of integrity for your Constituents and to save what little reputation you have left; please tender your resignation immediately. You have done enough harm. Delay the inevitable if you wish….You will be RECALLED at the earliest possible time.

John R. Jenks

Copies of Letters to other Representatives:

Representative Travis Tranel:

I am writing to you as a Wisconsin Resident to thank you for the tough vote for Liberty you took with AB11. My Representative, Joe Knilans of the 44th,,voted for this bill and does not represent us as you have with your Constituents and the Residents of Wisconsin.

He voted against 98% of the people of this State and you voted not only against your Party but the 2% that would attempt to take down Civility, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and First Amendment Rights as well as Badger Care, Medicaid, and Senior Care.

Again I appreciate what you did and will assist you as I am able incase of a recall or regular election. Robert La Follette was a Republican so you have represented his tradition well.

Thank You!

John R. Jenks

Representative Richard Spanbauer:

Your vote against the Budget Repair Bill is greatly appreciated by many of us in District 44 and I am sure in the long run for your constituents in District 53. This brave act on your part I am sure has given you a great deal of problems within your Republican Party.

Your tough vote not to be part of the stripping of First Amendment, Civil, and Human Rights from Wisconsin residents is duly noted. My Representative voted for the wealthiest 2% and at the expense of his Constituents and those of Wisconsin.

Badger Care, Senior Care, and Medicaid Programs as well as all sorts of vicious attacks on the Middle and not so lucky unemployed and under employed around the State proves to me that there is still hope for pragmatic Republicans.

I am not one of your Constituents but if there is something I can help you with when you face recall or a regular election; I will help you as I am able.

Again…Thank You!

John R. Jenks

Representative Lee Nerison:

I want to thank you for representing not only District 96 but also my District 44 because my Rep voted against the people that voted him into this office. You took a brave and honorable vote and I want to thank you for voting against AB11 and the unwarranted attack by certain members of the Republican Party to eliminate First Amendment Rights, Civil Rights, and Human Rights.

I am sure this was very difficult to go up against the current power base that would strip Wisconsinites of these rights and those less able to fight for their rights: People on Badger Care, Medicaid, and Senior Care.

I know I am not one of your constituents but I will assist you as I am able to fight your way through any recall or when you have you regular re-election bid. Your courage in the face of party scrutiny; which I am sure has been unbearable for you.

Again…Thank You!

John Jenks

Representative Dean Kaufert---

I am writing to thank you for taking a very tough vote today. You represented your District 55 honorably. You also represented WE THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN and have voted to preserve Civil Rights, Human Rights, and First Amendment Rights as well as local control of our schools and municipalities. You also have protected the rights of the poor and the misfortunate as it relates to Badger Care. Medicaid, and Senior Care. You also have upheld the principle of negotiating not just for unions but for all Wisconsinites.

As an Independent Voter I respect your choice to represent not only your District but many in my District 44th District. My representative voted for the Koch Brothers and their influence. When you run for re-election I’d be honored to assist you as I am able!


John R. Jenks

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