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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Response to Rep. Knilans Form Email

Representative Knilans,

It is quite apparent that you do not understand insurance either. The insurance limits of $50/100/15 was actually a good number and for mandatory insurance for people to be on the road. Personally I believe the property damage should have been $50,000 and not $15,000. Good God man, a new Suburban costs at least $50K and how much is a loaded semi worth? Lowering limits back to $25/50/10 is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

If you’re going to vote on a bill at least talk with someone who knows something about insurance and I doubt many of your party gives a damn about those who might need it anyway.

Governor Doyle and the last legislative group went too far; but not with the liability limits. It was with definitions of Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist and stacking. That is where the insurance companies went crazy and the rates jumped in this category due to the stacking definitions.

The Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage contained within Personal Umbrella policies were also affected adversely. The last legislators with the $10,000 mandatory Medical Expense Coverage limits and the stacking capability with the $10,000 Medical Coverage as well was simply far too much. When I was active in the insurance business I recommended higher limits then these and Personal Umbrella Limits generally above $1,000,000 as well.

By reducing coverage to these obscenely low limits you put people into a false sense of security. You are probably not aware that the insurance coverage is just a beginning. If you were to cause someone a lifetime injury; do you actually believe that the other party would settle for just the insurance limits of $25,000 you might carry? That law did not need to be reversed; it needed some technical corrections.

It is quite apparent that you don’t know what you are doing on this either. I have been a licensed insurance agent since 1979 and how you and this legislative group just decided to rescind the law but merely maintain a requirement to have such basic limits is appalling.

By the way----this did not create one job! If this is all you can do is go along with everything your Republican Cronies tell you to do; you have lost not only your integrity but also the right to represent your constituents. Do yourself a favor, you are in way over your head; RESIGN!

Regarding synthetic Marijuana….I do not see a problem with your vote on that. And the Resolution was probably okay.

Why no Resolution for the Whitewater Warhawks? They won it all in their division and gained a national title. And, that business school is about as Republican as you can get. Reince Priebus is an alum from that school as well. What were you and the rest of your group thinking?

Lastly, where the hell are the jobs you were sent to create? All you and your team are doing is destroying jobs and the middle class and taking away First Amendment Rights, Civil Rights, and Human Rights from your constituents. What are you thinking?

If all you want is smoke blown up your backside stay the course and keep chumming with Conry and the Bliss Communications Folks. Lastly, the Koch Brothers don’t really care about you and neither do the voters other than those you fooled the first time around!

John Jenks

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