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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ALEC the thinking behind Walker's Attack of Wisconsin

Governor Walker has no plan. That is, it is not his plan but actual plans from a Koch Brothers heavilly supported think tank. What concerns me is taking away social safety net programs like Badger Care, Senior Care, and Medicaid including minimum wages bargaining rights and eventually attacking our Natural Resources (Timber, Fisheries, Water, Energy Sources and we thought it was just about stripping Sconnies of their Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights and Constitutional Rights.

ALEC is a site complete with Legislative Work Arounds designed to enable Koch related industries and other special friends to destroy us with a mantra of job creation. Another lie by Walker's Team. There are no jobs just more layoffs and that will be the next thing....Layoffs without unemployment or injuries without Workmens Compensation. ALEC was brought up recently by Rachel Maddow.

There is alot of free information but to get to the Legislative and Court Work arounds one has to be a member of ALEC.

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