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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Heroes at Forward Janesville

Dear Heroes at Forward Janesville.

Heroes, I know you’re there. And, Janesville needs a hero. In fact, Janesville could use quite a few heroes. We really, really could. And, we need those heroes to WALK OUT ON WALKER at the Forward Janesville Annual Dinner on Tuesday, pick up a sign, and join the picket.

We would all love you. We really, really would!

Forward Janesville, Governor Walker does not represent the best interests of the business community, Janesville, Wisconsin, or you. Destroying the economy, lowering the standard of living, and destroying unions harms the very people that pay your bills. Your customers are your bosses. And, when they run out of money, “You’re fired!”

We all know how much courage it would take to WALK OUT ON WALKER. We all know that you are afraid it would be social suicide. Everyone knows how important social connections are in J’ville and the Rock. We all know the “rules of social engagement, social climbing, and business networking.” Business owners and professionals are standing on the sidewalk outside!

But, let’s be honest. You might have missed some vital lessons in life. Social climbing is for those who, well let’s be blunt, are not on top. Because if you were at the top, then honestly would you need to be climbing? If you have to worry a lot, then it really doesn’t matter. My mother taught me that. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.

And, this is a small city where conformity is important. But, Mother had something to say about that, too: “If everyone wore s@#$ on their heads, would you?” Well, you know what I think about dining with Walker, by now!

This is what Mother had to say about putting on airs: “This is a small town. People can guess to the penny what’s in your bank account. They know whether your parents own Shell Oil or if your dad was the town drunk.” Now you think I’m talking about you, don’t you?

So, Janesville needs some heroes to WALK OUT ON WALKER! We’ll have signs for you! We'll give you lots of hugs! You'll feel like a rock star!

10 Good Reasons Not to Stand Up and WALK OUT ON WALKER:

1. You like rubber chicken dinners
2. Your boss paid for your dinner
3. You are a conformist
4. You hate Wisconsin & want to economy to fail
5. You want global corporations to be in charge of your life & government
6. You are a moral coward
7. You watch Fox News, read National Review, & live in an intellectual box
8. You are a social climbing addict
9. You operate a business worth over a billion dollars.
10. You want your business to fail—so you can collect unemployment—because your customers are broke.

Your friend,


  1. I agree please walk out on Walker!

  2. I paid 50 dollars to go. Why would I walk out? It's the annual dinner and I personally would like to hear him.

    The U.S. Let Ahmadinejad speak a few years back but Walker is worse? I'm not saying I agree with Walker and his tactics but we can change that in 4 years. He has not destroyed Jville. Freedom of speech is what let's you protest and let's Walker speak. Good luck

  3. It won't take 4 years to change get rid of Walker. He will be recalled in 219 days!

  4. 218 days too many!

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