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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


March 09, 2011

Statewide Call to Action - Thursday March 10

What we witnessed from the Senate Republicans tonight was truly heinous. Seven decades of labor peace annihilated in less than five minutes, all to cement Scott Walker's divisive political overreach that has nothing to do with fixing Wisconsin's fiscal problems and everything to do with power-grabbing at the expense of working Wisconsin families. Tomorrow the Assembly will take up the so-called "budget repair" bill, stripped of fiscal provisions, that denies hard-working teachers, nurses and corrections workers the right to bargain collectively.

To be sure, Thursday, March 10, will be an unprecedented statewide day of action.

We will be rallying at the Capitol at 9am tomorrow morning. If you can't make it to Madison, we will have protests taking place at 9am statewide as listed below. If there isn't anything by you, we encourage you to go to your local county courthouse.

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