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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday early morning news round up (3.31.11)

WCLO 1230 AM Talk Show host Dan Conry speaking on the protests the previous night surrounding Forward Janesville featured speaker Governor Walker.  Additionally, Dan interviews Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg.

Photographs from the Forward Janesville Governor Walker protests - Facebook

Photographs from the Forward Janesville Governor Walker protests by Sam Loizzo

Janesville's Walker Protests - Facebook

Mind Stain: Backward Walker in Forward Janesville

Channel 3000: walker's Speech At Forward Janesville Dinner Draws Protests

Governor Walker speaking at Forward Janesville Annual Dinner

State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access
Government Accountability Board - Elections Division

TPM: GOPers Demand Sean Duffy Salary Tape Be Pulled From The Internet - video

Politicususa: CREW Wants Wisconsin GOP Senator Punished For Misuse of Troopers

State's outsourcing cost-benefit law targeted

Mind Stain: Open Letter to Janesville Councilman Frank Perrotto

Mind Stain: Response Letter from Councilman Perrotto and My Response to Him

Wisconsin judge's stern rebuke:  collective-bargaining bill is not law

The Progressive:  Walker and Cronies Are Lawless Bastards!

The Progressive:  Wisconsin Leads the War on Public Schools

Forward/Foreword: Rev. Jesse Jackson's Beloit College Speech

State will continue implementing collective bargaining law despite judge's order

Sam Stein: Scott Walker Rejected $12 Million Of The Specific $150 Million In High-Speed Rail Funds He Now Wants

Vital Signs:  Influential republicans break with Walker on SeniorCare; vow to save it from budget cuts

Rachel Maddow March 29th, Really Really Really Big Government

Appropriate Political Behavior: Comments regarding the email sent by Janesville Councilman Perrotto to Janesville Councilman Rashkin

Stand with Wisconsin: webstore

Food and Clothing Drive for "Poor" Sean Duffy

Daily Kos: Polling tight in Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign

Vital Signs:  County GOP press release mocks "leftish" Judge Sumi and "lefty" Dane County

GOP proposes rollback of mandatory disinfection for drinking water

Government Accountability Board: Circulating Recall Petitions at a Polling Place

Brook Beam:  Addressing the fundamental facets of the WI Budget arguments - Facebook

Appleton Post Crescent: GOP lawmakers break ranks on Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal

State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D):  Support Our Seniors - video

Get to know the other side: MacIver Institute: Wisconsin School Officials Back Walker Budgets - video webstore

Rachel Maddow: Wisconsin governor goes rogue to force anti-union bill

Up Close with Jesse Jackson at Beloit College - video

Isthmus: New round of Wisconsin Capitol protests target sign and location rules

Wisconsin Union Law Battle Has Republicans Facing New Hurdle

The Daily Reporter: Lawmakers question Walker's local cuts

Judge bars further implementation of collective bargaining law, threatens sanctions

J.B. Van Hollen chooses party over principle, the constitution and the rule of law

Grass Roots:  Protest sing brings crowds to Capitol in grand tradition

The Nation John Nichols: Wisconsin Judge Checks and Balances a Lawless King, er, Governor

Writers Needed to post Right-wing Comments (National) - Craig's List

Campus Connection:  Frayed ties could hurt UW-Madison and UW System

Kloppenburg Fail - Prosser for the win!  - video

The Pelican Post:  New Nonpartisan Toolkit for Budget Reform

Russ Feingold in support of JoAnne Kloppenburg for Supreme Court

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette - video

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