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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday night news round up

Travesty of Justice - video

Michael Moore addresses Wall Street Banksters

GOP rams anti-Union bill through Wisconsin Senate

Protesters at the Capitol following Senate vote - video

Milton teachers union plans second rally

Emergency rallies in Wisconsin tomorrow morning

Cars honk horns outside Capitol following the Senate vote - video

Statewide call to action for Thursday, March 10

Capitol occupied

MSNBC coverage of the vote in Wisconsin State Senate

Line of shame - video

Thousands storm Capitol as GOP takes action

Message from UAW Region 4 Leadership:

***URGENT*** The leadership of UAW Region 4 is requesting that ALL UAW members and Locals join the recall petition efforts in the State of Wisconsin.

There is no issue more important to the survival of the middle class than fighting back the assault on the working people of Wisconsin.

We all need to join the efforts to recall the Republican Senators that stand with Governor Walker. Please get out and do what we do best! Let's take back our State and our Democracy! Solidarity!

Raw Story: Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald admits that busting unions is about defeating Obama

Republicans plan big fundraiser in DC

Washington Post:  Wisconsin Republicans strip workers of rights

BBC: Wisconsin Republicans... well, you know the rest

Senator Schultz (the only Republican to vote against the bill)  statement on budget repair bill vote \

Wikipedia:  Civil and political rights

Ezra Klein: What happened in Wisconsin tonight

Scott Fitzgerald admitting union busting bill is done to defeat Obama - video

New York Times:  Wisconsin Senate limits bargaining by public employees

(MADISON) Statement from Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) on tonight’s action by the Senate.

“Tonight’s vote was absolutely disgraceful. In a short roll call vote, 18 Republicans stood with a Governor to pass a bill that did nothing to affect the current budget, but only to achieve their political goals of the destruction of the middle class. Walker and his legislative rubberstamps achieved their goal of ending the Wisconsin values of collective bargaining and access to health care. Tonight is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent for Christians, and in this time set aside for repentance and prayer, Republicans have turned judgment on themselves. Justice will flow down like a river on this state as Wisconsin recalls it elected officials who have betrayed the public’s trust.”

Dangerous Minds:  How history will remember Governor Walker

Do you hear the people sing?  Sung at the Capitol - video

Wisconsin budget cuts will hurt the disabled

Greg Sargent: Shenanigans by GOP will only ensure that the fight will only escalate

Firedoglake: Bill passing is only the beginning of the fight

Union leaders discuss general strike

Statement from WEAC president Mary Bell on Senate vote

Tonight's photos from the Capitol

Democrats to return after Assembly action

Wisconsin Senate Roll Call on tonight's vote

Senator Jon Erpenbach - Will killing collective bargaining help local governments?  video

CNN: Walker appointee compares protests to "Holocaust"

The Atlantic:  Governor Walker's secret weapon - The Wisconsin Veto

Why Walker won't back down

Milwaukee teachers drop Viagra suit

Wisconsin ad says workers rights get taken away but major corporations get tax breaks.  PolitiFact rates this as "Mostly True"

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald: Are our recall statutes legit?

AFL-CIO blog: what can you do?

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