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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday evening news round up (March 13, 2011)

Wisconsin State Senator Tim Cullen talks about being in Illinois and collective bargaining negotiations - video

Joe in Eau Claire:  Wisconsin will be ours

Wisconsin 14 come home - video

Budget could put Wisconsin in violation of federal water regulations

Tony Shalhoub: The birth of a movement - video

State Senator Hopper (R) currently lives with mistress in Madison.  Soon-to-be-ex-wife and maid sign recall petition.

Wisconsin firefighters spark a "move your money" movement

Facebook page for people who pledge to purchase from businesses that support workers rights

Get to know the other side: The truth about Wisconsin - video

Ed Garvey:  Prosser = Walker

List of businesses and who they support

White House pledges support for Unions, but stays out of Madison

In the meantime: Michigan Republicans create "Financial Martial Law"

What's at stake for women workers in Wisconsin and beyond

International labor rights group says Wisconsin Assembly assault on collective bargaining is illegal

Bus tour of Walker supporters culminates in a 700-people rally in Madison

NEA:  This is the beginning

Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald:  Senate Dems should be embarassed

David McKay: reporting from the front lines on March 12 protest

A teacher weeps for the future of Wisconsin schools

Susan Sarandon speaks at Madison rally - video

Wisconsin protesters part 2, photo diary by Dylan Moriarty

This is what democracy looks like part 3, photo diary by Judith Detert-Moriarty

Madison rally bigger than biggest tea party rally

Where he goes we go - facebook page

250 turn out for union support rally in Janesville

Bill Maher: New rules for March 11, 2011

The Wisconsin 14 get a heroes' welcome

Walker's budget goes beyond Unions

AP: Wisconsin protesters say next fight is at the polls

Top 10 Fiscal Facts for Wisconsin

Jim Hightower speaking in Madison - video

John Nichols of the Nation interviews Susan Sarandon in Madison - video

Daily Kos: Protest photo diary!-(Photo-Diary)

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