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Monday, March 21, 2011

Love Letter to the Legislature

I love writing letters. I really do! This is my latest love letter to the Wisconsin Legislature.

This new political crisis is providing me much opportunity to keep in touch with the Wisconsin Assembly, Senate, Governor Walker...hmmmm...the Lt Gov... Who else? Oh, and the Attorney General! They are hearing from thousands of Wisconsin citizens. But, they need to hear from more of us--and more frequently.

The numbers of email, faxes, paper mail, and phone calls they receive needs to pick up over time--and not dwindle. So, let's get crackin'! You can find all of their email address and much other fun information in the "Notes" section in the left column of the Democratic Party of Rock County Facebook page.

Since I don't really believe that they read their email, I put my message in the "Subject Line." Today I wrote: NO to Walker's and the Corporate Vision for Wisconsin!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am writing once again to remind you that although there may no longer be massive demonstrations going on in Madison, do not be deceived. The people of Wisconsin are overwhelming opposed to Governor Walker's and corporate America's vision for us.

And, we are organizing--in our neighborhoods, in our towns and cities, in our counties, on our streets.

Most of you Republicans, such as those from Rock County, are not even serving your own best interests--certainly not those of your constituents. We want you to solve problems--not to serve up the latest talking points from Fox News.

Most of you are not rich; you are not important; you will not be jetting off to DC. You will not be getting jobs in rich lobbying firms. You won't even be winning your next elections.

So, look at the big picture. Watch something besides Fox News. Read some research. Read an international news paper. Do some independent research. Realize that you have constituents that are well informed--jingoism just doesn't cut it.

Get crackin' ! We have problems to solve!

And, thank you Democrats! You are our heroes!

Vivian Creekmore
Rock County

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