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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday evening news round up (3.18.11)

The Atlantic: Judge stays new union law

Sister of Senator Jon Erpenbach blogs about the experience of her brother going to Illinois

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne vs. Jeff Fitzgerald et al - video

Republican war on working families - video

Scott Walker's new brown bag movement - video

Poll:  Wisconsin governor rises in Republican eyes

Volunteer:  help recall Wisconsin Republicans

Wisconsin teacher commits suicide, apparently "distraught" over Walker's cuts

The Angry Middle Class blog

The People's Microphone

Senior VP of Miller/Coors gave $11125, to Walker's campaign and $1,600 to Barrett.  What are you going to be drinking tonight?

Recalls, redistricting should be priorities

Governor Walker gives himself more power to fill top jobs with political appointees

Push to kill unions trumps efforts to create jobs

Scott Walker for President,53336/

Efforts to counter the boycotts of businesses supporting Governor Walker are slow to get off the ground

Governor Walker releases emails on collective bargaining plan

Wisconsin Attorney General will appeal the ruling that blocks the anti-union bill|met%3A100|cat%3A3165555|order%3A1

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