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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday night news round up (3.21.11)

Daniel Bice:  Senator's girlfriend had help getting state job

Keith Olbermann: Cut the unions, hire the girlfriends

Firedoglake: Walker helps State Senators' girlfriend land staff gig

State Senator Tim Cullen (D) extends "olive branch"

Taxing the rich would save billions more than cutting education and programs for main street

Robert Kraig:  Is this Wisconsin's second progressive movement?

Battle heats up to save SeniorCare

Attorney General wants hold on labor law removed

William Cronon: Wisconsin's Radical Break

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser: I am running on my record of excellence

Democracy set to Leonard Cohen soundtrack - video

David McKay:  Of thee I sing

PolitiFact rates Milwaukee Police Association statements on savings offered to City of Milwaukee as "Barely True"

Developer cancels plan for big wind farm development

Assembly Representative Mark Pocan (D) letter to Jeff and Scott Fitzgerald

William Mitchell:  Beyond Austerity

Campus Connection:  TAA against breaking UW - Madison from system

Speedy drivers catch break with troopers at protests

CNN ireport: Senator Erpenbach visits La Crosse for a rally

MinnPost David Fey:  Fundamental balance of power is being lost in Michigan, Wisconsin

Daily Kos:  My trip to La Crosse to collect recall signatures,-WI-to-Gather-Recall-Signatures

Autonomous Solidarity Organization:  Voice for the voiceless.  A check on the powerful

Chris Rickert:  Together again but for how long?

Moms Rising:  Tell Wisconsin Assembly: hands off Milwaukee paid sick days off ordinance

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