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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday night news round up (March 22, 2011)

Greg Sargent:  Another weapon against the Dems' top Wisconsin Recall target?

Emails to Governor Walker initially favored union rights

Republican bill calls for a board of political appointees to authorize charter schools

Democrat proposes opening Wisconsin caucus meetings,0,7748427.story

League of Wisconsin Municipalities: Budget Repair Bill FAQ{AB3B89C9-E759-42A0-BBBC-B395FC9381C9}

Guardian:  Sleeping giant awakes in Wisconsin

Slate: The Recall State

Court staffers rush to retire

Get to know the other side:  help the embattled 8 Republican Senators beat the recall

Forward Wisconsin festival

Wisconsin Secretary of State LaFollette says Attorney General did not consult him before petitioning on his behalf

Above mentioned petition

Controversy surrounds Walker's dinner visit

Wisconsin tax bill hurts the poorest - video

Former Wisconsinite Ted Kinnaman speaks at a Rally to Defend American Dream in Fairfax, Virginia - video

John Eyster: Spring elections two weeks from today.  WI Supreme Court - key.

State Senator Leah Vukmir (R):  Residency requirements are outdated, harmful to the city

Where were the troopers?  As troopers protest, fewer tickets are written

Doug Moe:  Impeccable timing of the "The Strike"

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