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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Outsourcing Our State's Laws with a Template

When you read AB 11 and then read the ALEC Template one can quickly see that the most Republicans, not all, could not have put this together without a playbook. A one size fits all template from a Koch think tank designed to destroy the integrity of a State and, in the end; the integrity of a once noble political party.

I encourage you to review AB11 and then review this toolkit. Remember...Walker keeps saying that the bill has to pass quickly so the "tools" can be implemented to gain the alleged savings. I ask..what is the true economic cost of the savings?

What Walker and Cronies do not tell you is that job creation, if any, will be minimum wage jobs unless you get appointed to a position like Senator Randy Hopper's girlfriend. Christian Right Evangelicals apparently condone a quid quo pro adultery behavior so long as it is for a Republican. At least Walker's new appointment of jobs designed to save the state money seems to work out this way with Hopper's situation.

And then, destroy teacher unions specifically to create Charter Schools and other Privatized Educational Systems to enable the Blackwater Type Systems, or other similiar types; to take over Public Education and then allow shifts of money from public to private schools. A balanced Charter and Public School System makes sense to me; but not with a Walker/ALEC approach. The Walker/ALEC approach is designed to make free education available, in my opinion for the wealthiest 2%, and a substandard educational public system for everyone else. Read the ALEC article on education and scruitinize any upcoming Educational Bills.

Bottom Line...How do you feel about the Outsourcing of everything we have as a State to the likes of the Koch Brothers. How much is your integrity worth? We know how much Randy Hopper's integrity is worth...

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