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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday night news round up (March 15, 2011)

Welcome to Hudson, Governor Walker - video

This is what democracy looks like by Tona Williams - videos

Scott Walker's palace guards - the new secret service? - video

Capitol tunnel security identifies self as police officer but refuses to show identification

Thom Hartmann regarding Madison demands "who said that?" - video

Cenk Uygur: Wisconsin and Anonymous fight back - video

Quiet, not quiet normal day at the Capitol

Madison moves to extend contract with its biggest union

Coalition to impeach Scott Walker

Mobilizing in minutes: people converging on the Capitol to protest hastily called vote by the Republicans - video

It's not over: Madison protest Day 26 - video

Dane County sues to block Walker bill

Pragmatic Progressive:  The Sleeping Giant

Remember this?  Walker commercial: Taking our government back - video

Christian Science Monitor: Wisconsin farmers protest - video

Senate Republicans to drop contempt finding against Democrats

Michiganders plan to establish East Rotundaville

Wisconsin's veterans will pay the price in Walker's budget bill

Senator Hopper - resignation before recall?

Public Policy Polling releases polls of all Republicans up for recall

John Eyster: Beware the Ides of March!  How much worse will it get?

Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald (R) holding a press conference announcing the order of contempt against Democrats being rescinded - video

Olive branch to GOP?  Democratic Senator Cullen proposes Constitutional change for fiscal votes

Kelly Vinehout and Douglas Smith:  Open letter to the people of Wisconsin

Senator Fitzgerald email regarding Senate Democrats voting privileges in standing committees

No lightning fast decision in union bargaining legal challenge

Budget would make state's labor management mediator a political appointee

Bloomberg:  Bonds beating Illinois debt belie Walker's assertion that Wisconsin is broke

Delavan - Walker is 1986 graduate of Delavan Darien High School - is split on Walker's image.

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