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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday morning Onion tribute news round up (3.25.11)

Republican legislators discuss possible crimes and violations they would like to commit

Governor Walker proposes replacing legal consequences for violation of environmental standards with poetic justice

Somalian pirates upset that Wisconsin State Senate did not ask them for help

Enthralled by great acoustics, free public concerts will continue at the Capitol Rotunda.  Scott Walker requests a performance of John Cage classic "Silent 4'33".

Area man meets other men and women while collecting recall signatures, shares his thoughts

Pleased by reaction to the first part of his Budget Repair Bill, Governor Walker plans to follow with a sequel he promises will be "even better".

With job market continuing to deteriorate, Governor Walker is pleased to have close to year before he begins collecting unemployment

Scott Walker changes name to "Russ Feingold".  Plans to run for Governor

Video of a protester getting a ticket for protesting.  Called by Governor Walker "ticket to ride", plans  to bus all protesters to Illinois in order to create job vacancies for girlfriends of Republicans legislators

PolitiFact rates Governor Walker statement as "False".  Governor Walker rates PolitiFact as "Union Thugs"

In an exciting development, LaFollette of Past meets LaFollette of Present in order to save LaFollette of Yet to Come.

Cartoons with conflicting messages cause viewers to question the truth

Investigative report uncovers that Senator Hopper's mistress is really inflatable.

Scott Walker's plan to finally get that degree

Key to my house

Justice Prosser promises a swift execution of collective bargaining in Wisconsin

For all your Union Thuggery needs,-not-budget

Thugs in Oakland, CA, record a laid back RnB number celebrating protests in a haze of smoke.

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