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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday morning Onion tribute news round up

Conservatives learn lessons from Democrats, become complacent following passage of major legislation

The dead rise, join the living in search for Walker's brains.

Looking to prove Bill O'Riley right, protesters assemble in front of real palm trees

Video of palm trees with protesters

"Public Enemies" sequel to star Wisconsin GOP

Governor Walker fails to escape to Illinois, agrees to turn over emails, pay legal costs, chants "hey hey, ho ho, these emails gotta go"

Wisconsin GOP charge $1000 per person at DC fundraiser to make sure no teachers or public employees are present,-dynamic-solidarity-protest-in-DC-outside-Wisconsin-GOP-fundraiser?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dailykos%2Findex+%28Daily+Kos%29

Protests turn politicians into heroes.  Rod Blagojevich seen protesting outside Capitol in Springfield, IL.

Madison historian unable to find damage to Capitol.  Charges $3,000,000 for his time.

Governor Walker inspires 20,000 people in Wisconsin to join a labor advocacy group.  Claims to be "community organizer like Obama" and run for President in 2012.

Co-pilot in "Miracle on the Hudson" withdraws money from M&I Bank.  Movie treatment directed by Michael Bay documenting the withdrawal to come out Summer 2012.  Broadway musical to open in 2013.

Protesters torture Governor Walker outside his press conference by loudly singing "Solidarity Forever" off key.   - video

Some guy named Alec claims to be the real author of Walker's legislation

Jonathan Panks writes releases original song in support of Unions.  In retaliation, Scott Fitzgerald seen butchering the song at a karaoke bar - video

Scott Walker, losing elections, fighting democracy since 1988

In response to civil complaint filed by Dane County DA alleging violation of open-meeting laws, legislative leaders will no longer notice their meetings

Civil complaint features words "knowingly" and "violated" in the same sentence

National Republicans rally around Scott Walker.  Hope to have actual people join them soon.

Shareholders cheer M&I Bank decision to change name to Who's Scott Walker Bank

Insurance company criticized for providing good service to customers.
Insurance company = WEA Trust, customers = teachers.

Senator Cullen (D) looks to restore civility to politics. Politicians reported seen confused and disoriented.

Solidarity tourism, the new hot trend in travel - video

Lord Voldemort unavailable, Senator Hopper hires GOP veteran to help battle recall, reality

Michigan protesters challenge Wisconsin protesters for the title of the Most Oppressed, want Michael Moore back.

Video of Michigan protesters waiting until good spring weather to demand their rights back

Governor Walker cuts school spending by $1.7 billion by not sending his children to UW Madison.

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