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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday morning Onion tribute news round up (3.18.11)

Judge issues a temporary stay of execution for collective bargaining in Wisconsin.

Republican Representatives make the hard choice of sticking it to the people instead of getting re-elected

Vice President Biden fires up the Unions, promises to have President Obama come out "as soon as we can get a couple of bucks to put some fuel in Air Force One".

Staying consistent with the Socialism approach of power plant ownership, Governor Walker plans to give away State's power plants to his closest allies and rename WMC into the "Oligarchs".

Billionaires Outraged: Had Governor Walker not rejected $810 million of federal funds given towards high speed rail, he could have spent $60 million of state money on additional tax cuts.

Following it's attack on the Unions, GOP plans to complicate voting for students, also will make ballots with extra small letters

Passions run high, threats are made.  Republican lawmakers consider escaping to Illinois for some peace and quiet

Chart used by Governor Walker to understand his own vision, published

Following latest poll results, GOP announces plans to change its name to Republican Union

Jasiri X violates cardinal rule of hip hop and records a song about other people's struggles

"Beer, Brats, Cheese, Unions" and other signs showcased in a Wisconsin tourism video

Governor Walker promises to work really hard to make sure no one wants to work for the State of Wisconsin, including him.

Conspiracy is a plan you were not told about.  Consider yourself informed.

Crowds look to sign recall petitions, refuse to apologize for voting for the same people during regular elections

President of a teachers union resigns following his objections to demonstrations at the Capitol, surprised to find self used as a "talking point" on conservative radio.

Inspirational Walker:  Retiring en masse state employees ask the last one out of the building to please turn out the lights

Democrats are a no-show at State Building Commission meeting.  Claim not enough room due to all the protesters.

Poll results show Americans still opposed to cutting programs that help Americans.  Republicans vow to work harder, will hire more consultants, politicians and hypnotists.

Republican spin doctor Frank Luntz spins his visit to Governor's office as a ploy to get a state job.  Pulls out after hearing about compensation involved, forms Spin Doctors Local 35.

Governor Walker proposes increase in assistance for funeral costs.  Zombies outraged, plan march on Saturday, April 2

Area woman launches a blog after calculating that Governor Walker wants her to die

Wisconsin teacher thanks Governor Walker for making students interested in politics.  In return Governor promises to make it harder for students to continue their education, find a job or vote

UW-Whitewater faculty passes resolution to ask lawmakers to rescind their votes.  Lawmakers ask faculty to rescind their paychecks.

Governor Walker proposes spending part of his budget for infrastructure to build a dog house outside Capitol for the 5 GOP lawmakers who sided with Unions

Democratic Governor Lucey (1971-1977) suggests Governor Walker use common sense solutions instead of crazy sense.

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