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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday morning news round up (March 15, 2011)

Farmland preservation program on chopping block

Fab 14 and the crowd chant "Thank You"  - video

Wisconsin troopers union alarmed by Walker's unlawful deployment

Bernie Sanders: Deficit reduction requires shared sacrifice

People's history of Capitol occupation

Kosiec:  And now a message from your Lt. Governor

Wisconsin says: We will win this fight

Move your money project
Erpenbach to people #15: COME WITH US - video
Richard Eskow: Walker allies ran a toxic bank... and got rich
Wisconsin protests - ireport CNN video

Fitzgerald considers democratic senators in contempt

Diane Ravitch: eight civics lessons from Governor Walker

Waukesha County panel refuses to endorse Walker bill

Union fight could carry over to supreme court race

E.J. Dionne: What if we're not broke?

Senator Chris Larson: Home to join the fight

Rally about the effects of Walker bills on workers of color in Wisconsin

Judge recuses self from county lawsuit against collective bargaining law

WFU: How the budget repair bill will affect Badger Care

Florida fights back to Wisconsin - black ribbons - video

Stephen King calls Walker a "stooge"

Bill Wineke: Walker, GOP lost moral credibility to lead

Wisconsin Republicans Plan Capitol Beltway Victory Party

Democratic Underground: Hallucinating in Madison - pics

Wisconsin Governor greeted by thousands of protesters at Washburn fundraiser

Low income elderly could lose drug plan

How it feels to be a teacher in the current climate - video

Letter to Kwik Trip CEO from Wisconsin Professional Police Association

Tom Kastle: Whose House? Our House!

Chilly reception greets Walker up north - video

Tony Schultz speaks up for Wisconsin farmers - video

Keeping up with the GOP governors

Time: Is Wisconsin Governor Dead Man Walker?,8599,2058601,00.html?xid=huffpo-direct

Hideaway in Rockford 3: The arrest of the story

Walker's transit changes bad for the long haul

Unions to retaliate at ballot box

$5 gallon of gas will increase usage of public transportation

Randi Weingarten: History and voters will not be kind

FemChat blog: Who suffers without collective bargaining in Wisconsin? Families

Steve Contorno: Budget fall out could linger for a long time

Politico: Wisconsin fight goes national

Walker's budget proposal changes public financing of court races

Jack Markell: Taxes are the wrong focus for economic growth

Florida Raging Grannies to Wisconsin protesters: "Gonna Roll the Union On" - video

Fitzgerald: Dems Senators won't be allowed to vote in committees

GOP Senator's wife claims he no longer lives in the district

Stop Walker's Budget

Walker proposes spending $1.1 billion on buildings

This is what creativity looks like: stop motion video from Stumptown films

New York Magazine: Wisconsin State e Senator's wife joins effort in his recall

Wisconsin librarians march merges with Tractorcade

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