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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Amendment Remedies and the Second Quarter Challenge

I am puzzled by all this talk about Wisconsin and the other November 2010 elections making a statement. According to the "Congressional Shift" that means taking away funding of social programs that help the less fortunate. Take that money saved and redirect to increase wealth with Corporate Welfare programs, not American jobs. Then the Congress, in lieu of creating jobs, are legislating ideological attacks on Women, Gays, Unions and Muslims. The end result is taking away Civil Rights, Bill of Rights, and Human Rights as well as other Constitutional Guarantees.

In Wisconsin Governor Walker and those he deems as "one of us" are directing similar legislation. Again, no job creation, but rather; Creative Destruction of Institutions and Unions. Walker Rule includes demonizing and telling the big lies of Karl Rove with a goal of polarizing and moving public opinion towards the hatred of teachers, nurses, public service workers, and anyone associated with Unions or anyone believing in First Amendment Rights and Remedies.

The First Quarter has played out. That was the November Election. Just as any good coach would do; if the plays aren't working the team regroups. The best game plans may need changing on the fly. A good Coach or Leader knows this and a different direction is taken. Our State currently has the Right to Recall elections. The rules were made tough but doable for a reason. If the Course of Action taken by elected representatives becomes unrepresentative of the people; the people, if their redress of petitions and grievances are not heard; a Recall of those who do not represent the wishes of their Constituents must be held. Just as a Coach goes to the Passing Game in Football when the running game fails or a Man-to-Man Full Court Press when the Tempo needs to be changed in a Basketball Game. When the desired outcome is not the will of WE THE PEOPLE we stand ready to redo the Elections through appropriate Recalls that are included with our State Government.

The State Capitol used to be the People's House. The running of Our House no longer includes the People's Voice Directly or Indirectly through our Representatives, unless they are Radical Republicans. It is now the Koch's House, the Fitzgerald's and Walker house. They have denigrated Our House and WE have chosen not to enlist Second Amendment Remedies to take it back! I find it strange so many within the Tea Party advocated such remedies and they supported these Radical Republicans. We have chosen First Amendment Remedies to redress, assemble, and petition our government with our grievances. When the elected Government fails to act in our best interests the Constitutions of Wisconsin and our U.S. Constitution provides remedies.

So to those who challenge WE THE PEOPLE and say the elections are over---I say; not so fast! Until the will of the people is heard and followed the People will continue marching to redress our grievances with our Government. We continue to expect that were allowed to do so in a peaceful and in as Civil a manner as possible.

People want equity within our tax revenue system and the amounts generated to reflect what we hold valuable. We have always desired a Progressive Educational System, fairness in work which has been guaranteed with Union involvement, and a Clean Environment. We demand that things are negotiated to arrive at compromise so as to share benefits and sacrifices equitably.

When forced to make course corrections we expect civil negotiations with all parties and in a fair and honest manner. If you do not have the ability to negotiate in good faith, leave. This country was founded by those who negotiated and found common ground. The Radical Republicans of this State have decided their mandate of 18.2% of the electorate is to be used to declare Class Warfare. The Radicals within this party wish to take away First Amendment Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and the Rights for a safe Environment with clean water and common sense solutions addressing real State and Local Issues.

The over reach of Concentrated Power vested within the State at the expense of local governments is unconscionable and must end now. We begin with the April 2011 elections and support the right candidates who will represent the true majority of Wisconsinites, complete the Recalls, and then prepare to take back Congress.

Walker and Radical Republicans took the First Quarter! We must take the Second Quarter and vote on April 5, 2011 and take back our local governments and the State Supreme Court from those who would deny rights to WE THE PEOPLE. Stay the course and follow through with the RECALLS of those who would defy the People and we win in the Third Quarter.

The Fourth Quarter is 2012. We need to identify those Nationally that have gone astray within our State that have not yet been removed from office and challenge them and others who need to be RECALLED such as Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan. Neither support WE THE PEOPLE but have found a way to the Dark Side of the Political Spectrum.

This is only one game! It is necessary for a Free People to keep their Freedom from those who would take it away. It's not just about who pays what in taxes; it is who determines who pays the taxes....The People recognize their part and are willing to step up to pay a fair share; but not to take the blame for Business who would steal our Rights. WE THE PEOPLE will not accept a place in a Corporatist takeover and enable them to push all of the middle class and poor into Servitude. Small Business is not included in the Walker Plan either. Farmers are excluded. The Middle Class and the less fortunate are not included. There is only one group left and that is the Super Rich in the Class of the Koch Brothers. They want to take away your votes with Citizens United Ads and Voter Registration changes closer to the Poll Taxes the South had for decades. They want to take away the Student Votes because they are afraid of them. They can read and sniff out BS. The Radical Republicans can ill afford and educated Citizenry. They need to keep them educated with the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. We still have a Democracy with the ability to vote. If you don't take action in this Second and Third Quarter to correct the November 2010 election you will lose your right to vote as well and the Fourth Quarter won't matter at all.

So...Are you Fired up and Ready to Go?

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