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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Support the Wisconsin 14

The 14 brave Democratic state senators who left Wisconsin to prevent one of the worst attacks on working people in recent memory have been under growing pressure to return.
Governor Walker is even threatening to lay off thousands of state workers to blackmail them into coming back.1 And as soon as just one of these Democrats returns, Republicans will be able to jam through their terrible bill.
Unfortunately, over the last 24 hours there have been credible reports from blogs and local news reporters that this is imminent.
These senators, including yours, State Senator Tim Cullen, have been away from their homes and families for almost two weeks now, at great personal cost. Their bravery has made this whole fight possible, and it can't be easy. That's why we need to show them that they have the support of their constituents—and that as long as they stay strong, we'll stand with them.
Can you call Sen. Cullen's office right away? Let him know that, as one of his constituents, you've got his back in standing strong for Wisconsin workers.
Here's where to call:
State Senator Tim Cullen
Phone: 608-266-2517

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