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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prossergate: Day 7

WisconsinEye Media at Work program - How the story was confirmed

Two probes launched over court altercation |

Group calls for Prosser resignation - One Wisconsin launches petition - WDJT-TV Milwau...

E-Mails Show WI Justices' Debate After 'Chokehold' -- Meet With Police Vs. Photo Session

Sly In The Morning: John Nichols: Protect the people's judiciary!

Justice Prosser's Short Fuse - Ed Schultz

Wisconsin Judge Loses His Temper — Again - Business Insider

Wisconsin Supreme Court - TPMMuckraker

Prosser grabs a microphone during ambush interview - MJS

Holding Bradley Accountable - Charley Sykes

Justices' emails detail security, photo concerns after altercation - MJS

That's Debatable: Divisions on the state Supreme Court

Nancy Dodge: Efforts to downplay court incident failing

WI Justice Prosser grabs a reporter's mic

WI Supreme Court Justice David Prosser Angrily Snatches Microphone From Local ...

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