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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday evening news round up

JustSeeds: Join the protest movement in Wisconsin!

P.O.W.E.R. protest walk from Milwaukee to Madison update:

Green Bay Gazette: Local officials try to make sense of Governor Walker's budget|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Senator Chris Larson via Facebook
Sen. Miller's comments are taken out of context in the Wall Street Journal article just released. Dems will return when collective bargaining is off the table. That could be soon based on the growing public opposition to the bill and the recall efforts against Republicans. Unfortunately, the WSJ fished for the quote they wanted, skipping this key step in logic: we won't come back until worker's rights are preserved.

Here's the story in the Wall Street Journal:

Rings True To Me Kyle Henderson: Letter to Gov. Walker

Political Carnival: Tractorcade is coming to Wisconsin!

Rock Netroots Lou Kaye: Moore in Madison - Country is Awash in Wealth

"Anonymous" takes down Americans for Prosperity website

Why employee pensions are not bankrupting states

Petitioners out gathering signatures to recall Senator Darling - video

Vote on Gov. Walker's performance

Another poll: Wisconsinites disapprove of Gov. Walker and want him to compromise

Michael Moore: America is not broke

Live Reporting from the Wisconsin Protests

Russ' Filtered News: 20 lies (and counting) told by Gov. Walker

Bill Gates: How state budgets are breaking US schools - TED video

Thanks to WI Fab 14 Senators - video

George Carlin "Words to the World" - video

Fox News wants to know: Who Would Be to Blame for Wisconsin State Workers Layoffs

Balance of Power: Walker's union proposal could be major setback for state's Democratic Party

Wisconsin Battles the Banksters

It has come to this: Scott Walker will kill unclaimed dogs at the pound.  Otherwise known as SECTION 2704. 174.13(2) in budget which lets pounds transfer strays to research facilities.

Update on news reported earlier: Roman Candle pizzeria pulls out of Wisconsin Restaurant Association because of association's support of Gov. Walker

Michael Moore: Protesters have "aroused a sleeping giant"

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