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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Badger Herald: Open Our Doors Walker

From inside the Capitol:
From a blogger: "oncerning: Capitol Police have no media contact person in the building. I had heard from several officers there that they have NO idea who is calling the shots. A source inside the DOA could not get me to Jodi Jensen (in meetings), but she was recently removed as the Capitol Police contact. The new person is Tim Donahue - he's with Military Affairs!! He is not in the office - his cell# is (608)692-3300. Mailbox is full. This is not rumor - I spoke to three sources in the DOA. Why is a military affairs liaison now the media relations contact for the Capitol" Apparently snow fences are going up around the Capitol bldg. but I don't see anything (yet) on the live feed from

Jon Stewart critiques Wisconsin class warfare

Milwaukee City Attorney claims Walker's bill unconstitutional

Russ Feingold: Second Gilded Age

Senator Jon Erpenbach: We urge you to listen - video

Truth Out: Liberal Media strikes again

Survey shows Walker, 8 Republicans are vulnerable to recall

The Guardian: Hollowing out of Wisconsin

A.V. Club: Could the budget repair bill mess with the music in Madison?,52487/

February 27 video from inside the Capitol: "Closing the doors of democracy"

Scott Walker Asked to Leave Local Restaurant UPDATE:

The AWL: Media Malpractice in Madison

A judge has ordered officials to open the Capitol to all members of the public during normal business hours. Judge Daniel Moeser has issued temporary restraining order to reopen the Capitol until a trial court can schedule a hearing. The order says the building must be open to the public during business hours & when "governmental matters, such as hearings, listening sessions, or court arguments are being 

Update: The security guards are NOT opening the doors and have no plans to do so telling those scheduling hearings for next week that the current situation will stand. The Wis. Dept. of Administration just issued this statement : "The Department of Administration today did receive a temporary injunction requiring the department to open the Wisconsin State Capitol to members of the public during business hours and when governmental matters, including hearings, are being conducted. The policies that DOA currently has in place are in compliance with this order. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. today at the Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 3, before Judge Albert."

Given November 2010 choices, Walker would lose today through eroding support of union members.

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