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Monday, February 28, 2011

Senator Jon Erpenbach: The fight isn't over

Senator Jon Erpenbach on collective bargaining

Walker's budget address to outline sharp cuts

From Defend Wisconsin: 
The medics have informed us 
that 50+ people are gathered outside of the Capitol and plan to stay the night. It's cold and snowing. The medics ask that you bring the following items to our supporters outside: space blankets, hand warmers, gloves, mittens, scarves and hats.

Senator Schultz says he's undecided on union bill vote (previously known as the "budget repair bill")

"That Ain't Right" by Kurt Griesemer

Huffington Post preview of Gov. Walker's budget

Attend Milwaukee Events on Scott Walker and the Budget Bill!
There are a lot of protests and events related to the "budget repair bill" in Milwaukee this week.  Please check them out!
4pm-6pm Senator Larson Thank You Rally, Howell Ave north of Puetz in Oak Creek.
7pm Milwaukee Democratic Party Meeting including 2-way live chat with the Wisconsin 14, Petit Ice Center Hall of Fame room, 500 S 84th St, West Allis 
4pm-6pm Rally to Support the Wisconsin 14, Oakland Ave and Locust St.
5pm Protest at American's for Prosperity (see above)
4pm-6pm  Rally to Support the Milwaukee 14, Kinnickinnic Ave and Lincoln Ave
7pm Milwaukee Town Hall Meeting on the Budget, Serb Hall, 5101 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee.
4pm-6pm Rally to Support the Milwaukee 14, Water St and Wisconsin Ave
6:30 pm MPS Board Meeting of the Committee on Strategic Planning and Their Budget.  Their will be public testimony.  MPS administration building, 5225 W Vliet, Milwaukee.
If you know of any other events, please e-mail 
New single by IFihadaHIFI "Imperial Walker"

Sealed windows update from NBC15 Madison: 
Many of you have asked about this story. From the Madison Fire Department: Department personnel have been at the Capitol every day and were dispatched to check on rumors that the windows were being sealed and found no evidence that that was the case.

Ending Special Interest Tax Dodging Would Balance Wisconsin’s Budget

People who aren’t good with money shouldn’t demagogue and blame the people who actually do the work.

Protesters Locked Out of Capitol

10 Ways Scott Walker is Selling Out His Constituents to Corporations

Walker Uses Workers as Political Pawns, Again

Walker’s Own Stated Policy is to Reject Bills Passed Between 10pm and 9am – as Budget “Repair” Bill was

US Secretary of Labor Asks For People to Sit Down and Talk Like Grown Ups

Respect For Constitution Trumps Walker’s Assault on Free Speech

Walker’s the One Who Has Outsiders With Him

Real Democracy Versus Walker’s Sham

Obama Warns that Rights of Public Employees Should Not Be Infringed Upon,0,5538517.story

Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald requires staffers of absent Senators to have him certify their time sheets and denies staffers ability to use copy machines

PICTURE of bolt tops being taken of, effectively making it impossible to open the windows

Gov. Walker orders Capitol windows welded shot to keep workers from passing food to those inside

Faithful Progressive: Police went to Dem. Senator Lena Taylor's church and questioned parishioners about her whereabouts.

State employee files suit against Gov. Walker for unfair labor practices

Raw Story: Walker's anti-union posture sends retirement rate soaring

Peninsula Pulse Myles Dannhausen Jr.: We are locked in a wrong debate

Thirdcoast digest: Madison, Wisconsin,  the Pearl Harbor of the class war

Governor Walker gives 14 Democratic Senators 24 hours to return

Statement from Department of Administration regarding protesters remaining in the Capitol building

Republican Senator Schultz pulls his earlier statement of opposition to the budget repair bill

Protesters at the capitol singing "Do you hear the people sing" - video

Protesters at the Capitol remain defiant

Madison 360: Allies backpedal from Walker's extremism

New restrictions for protesters at State Capitol

Green Bay Gazette: Protests may end but movement is just starting

New Yorker reporting in depth on Koch brothers

Breaking: Key GOP Wisconsin Senator Reportedly Pulls Support from Union-Busting Bill;_defiant_protesters_to_occupy_capitol_despite_walker's_promise_to_remove_them/

Worldwide association of hackers targets Koch brothers claiming attempts to usurp American democracy

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