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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday morning news round up

Hideaway in Rockford part 2

From Channel 3000 in Madison:
BREAKING: WI Senate unanimously passes resolution fining missing Democratic senators $100 a day until they return.

Wisconsin Assembly and Senate ban recording devices

CBS News: Pointing fingers in Wisconsin

Has Wisconsin reached a breaking point?

Janesville lawmen to cut back shifts at Capitol, seek reimbursement

Michelle Shocked performing at the protest rally on Saturday -  video

Special groups Wisconsin TV with ads for and against budget bill

Democrats provide opportunity to end division over the budget bill

Wisconsin Mardi Gras busting agenda (wink!)

Former GOP aid to Republican Senators: You can beat Walker

Sam Stein: Wisconsin State Senate Republicans took hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm subsidies

Senator Jon Erpenbach speaking with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News

TPM: Wisconsin GOPer Kapanke: I expect a recall

PolitiFact rates $7.5 million estimate to repair the State Capitol as "Pants on Fire"

Madison Metro braces for cuts

Coverage of 5 pm rally on March 8.  - video

Follow up to video posted yesterday:  According to TMJ 4, Wauwotosa protesters shut down town hall meeting.  

War on Unions becomes a political burden

As history unfolds in Wisconsin, Smithsonian sends curator

Does Governor Walker have a smoking gun buried in the budget bill?

Scott Walker proposes a compromise in emails

Greg Sargent: More Wisconsin GOPers wavering in their support of Walker

Poet's $2,000 reimbursement, a casualty in Walker's Wisconsin

Statement from Senator Jauch

Former Washington Mayor backs Governor Walker on Union standoff

John Nichols: Constitutional crisis created by Fitzgerald

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