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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Arts March to the Capitol tomorrow - THURSDAY

Meeting at 12:30 at the Concourse

Bring an instrument.

Project Lodge gathering signs and banners

from Wisconsin Capitol protests for 'SolidARTity'

Recognizing that this is what democracy and creativity look like, curators and interns at The Project Lodge are endeavoring Sunday to gather signs and banners for display next week at the gallery and performance space, 817 E. Johnson. “There are so many gorgeous signs that have so much work in them,” observes Project Lodge volunteer coordinator Sonia Kubica, noting the time but also the passion, thought and innovation invested in the creation of each.....Kubica is also endeavoring to work with the Teaching Assistants Association and other protesters today to rescue what she calls “some of the cultural artifacts” for exhibition before this afternoon’s planned Capitol cleanup consigns them to the mass grave of a dumpster.

Constitutionality of Walker's

third-grade reading program is questioned

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