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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday afternoon news round up

Talking Points Memo: At press conference, Governor Walker accuses Democrats of secret phone calls with special interest backers.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) offends the people of Wisconsin with his response to Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D)

Useful information on what Governor Walker's legislation can cost the taxpayers

Protests are spreading.

Governor Walker's press conference on tourism.  Ironic. - video.

Get to know the other side: 14 "fleebaggers" may return soon

Press Conference: Governor Walker with Senate and Assembly Majority Leaders - video

The Atlantic: Republican Senator in trouble in Wisconsin.  Compromise isn't good enough anymore.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is violating his oath of office

Progressive: Scott Walker believes he follows orders from the Lord

No camping and permit is required for a rally at the Capitol.

Apply for a permit here:

Yes Magazine: How Wisconsin Could Turn Austerity Into Prosperity - Own a Bank

Walker rebuffs "ridiculous" request for meeting with leader of Dem senators

First Read from NBC News: Reversal of Fortune in Wisconsin

Local Officials Say Walker's Plan to Privatize Assistance Programs Will Hurt Poor Families

John Erpenbach to the people #9: OUT OF CONTEXT.  Senator Erpenbach speaks on Senator Miller's comments to the Wall Street Journal. - video

In case you forgot:  This Is What Democracy Looks Like - video

Wisconsin residents support the Fab 14 - video

The Pragmatic Progressive:  Scheming Scotty

O.Ricardo Pimentel: The New Normal for Sacrifice

Exiled: Billionaire Koch brothers use their $1 billion-a-year taxpayer-funded biofuel subsidy to bankroll Republicans, Tea Party and right-wing libertarian groups.

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