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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Link Round-up Wednesday 3/9/11 1pm

Wisconsin Governor Hurts State’s Future (Jesse Jackson)

Scott Fitzgerald Complains About Recall Laws

Rachel Maddow Defends WI 14 against Michael Steele’s Accusations

Ground Shift: Are Wisconsin REPUBLICANS Now Getting Worn Down?

Scott Walker “Selectively” Leaks Emails to Make Himself Seem Moderate

It’s Beyond Partisanship II: Ohio GOP Replaces Another Pro-Union GOP Committee Member to Get Union-Busting Legislation Passed

Attacks on Unions Barking Up the Wrong Money Tree

Drive to Recall Wisconsin GOP Senators Gaining Steam

If Banks Paid Their Full Taxes, We Could Rehire All 132,000 Teachers Laid Off During the Recession, Twice

Anti-Union Tactics Have Long History in US

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