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Friday, March 4, 2011

Link Round-Up 3/4/2011 4:30pm

Hitler reacts to Walker getting punked by the fake Koch Brothers phone call

Democratic State Representative Nick Milroy’s Capitol Card Key is Deactivated

GOP Candidate for Scott Walker’s Old Job in Electoral Difficulty After Voting for Walker’s Budget Bill in House

GOP-Leaning Rasmussen Poll Finds Almost 60% of Wisconsin Voters Disapprove of Gov. Walker

Walker and his “Palace Guards” Look to Sow Chaos

Standoff in Wisconsin Has Energized Labor Movement. Now What?

Wall Street Journal Says Republican Lockstep Unity May Be Faltering In Face of Public Opposition

Are Wisconsin Republicans Preparing to Break With Walker?

Walker’s Budget Will End Subsidized Child Care for State Employees that Tommy Thompson Started

And finally, from comes a warning:

Finally, as another general thought for my TP/conservative friends, you all talked about revolution and how mad you were, etc. You may remember when I said, I understand, been that way myself, wish you had come in the fight over 8 years ago. Also, please understand when you talk about revolution, I don't think you quite understood the language you used. Labor wasn't just "given" the rights that the neo-conservatives now want to take away. We fought for them. And I don't mean, "we fought at the polls, won elections, etc", I mean armed struggle. Don't believe me? Research "labor unrest" at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. You'll note the word "Massacre" comes up frequently. This is were the Pinkertons made their reputation, hiring out as a private army in the employ of the business owners. When mine owners would roll in gatling guns on rail cars and fire into their workers' town (which was wholly owned by the mine owners, who also owned the store and paid their workers in script which was only accepted at the mine store). When steel plant owners locked out and shot their workers who protested. And the Labor who became the Unions responded back, also with fire power. You want a revolution? Understand there was already one fought and won by the unionists/labor. Do you think they'll just roll over this time? This isn't a threat, this is me observing that history is about to go into repeat mode.

So far the protests have been peaceful and orderly. However, Wisconsin has installed concrete barriers around their capitol. Ohio State Troopers prevented all the protesters who wanted into the state house from getting in, citing "security concerns."

Sure, there will be a brain drain at first. The flight of the best to places that still hold on to the idea that labor is something worth while. As those pockets of sanity decrease, and the result of these actions become clearer, the powder keg will erupt. It may take a year, or ten, but it'll come. Again, you don't really understand the fire you're playing with. You may have marches on Washington, but realize the protests at Madison and Columbus have numbered in the thousands (for Madison, tens of thousands) for over a week.

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