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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Link Round-Up, 3/2/11 9:40pm

Unions Polling Well, Scott Walker Polling Poorly

Noted Left-Wing Rag, “Wall Street Journal,” Finds American People Side With Unions;-say-leave-Medicare,-Social-Security-alone

Democratic Senator Chris Larson: “Nobody Flinched” at the $100/day fine

Beyond partisanship: Ohio GOP removes TWO pro-union Republicans from key committees in order to get union-busting bill passed in Ohio Senate

Wisconsin Voters Launch Recall Campaign Against Republican State Senators

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Opposes Walker’s Plan

Walker’s Plan Part of GOP Belief That They Know Better Than You Do

Republican Tactic: Pit Public-Sector Middle Class Against Private-Sector Middle Class and Pick Up the Pieces

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison Supports Madison Protestors with Words, Pizzas

Wisconsin Stalemate Could Drag On For Months

Why Dane County Sheriff Refuses to Serve as Walker’s “Palace Guard”

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