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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interview with Assembly Representative Evan Wynn (R)

Newly elected Republican Representative from Whitewater, Evan Wynn represents 43rd Assembly District and last night he sat down with me in the studios of Local Vision TV in Janesville.  We talked about Governor Walker's new budget, being newly elected to the Assembly, Budget Repair Bill, collective bargaining and much more.

Interview with Evan Wynn


  1. Well done, Yuri! You were incredibly professional, but I am still pretty horrified that Evan Wynn represents me.

  2. Thanks Melinda! It was a great experience and having the callers ask some hard questions, made it all the better.

  3. Melinda:

    I don't know what employment you are engaged in, but I would bet it has something to do with unions. Why don't you look at things realisticly and join the human race. I do have some sympathy for you though!

    Dr. Chuck