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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Though no longer required, many Wisconsin communities will continue recycling

Fox News Sees ‘Violent’ ‘Union Thugs’ Attacking State Senator, But Senator Saw ‘A Lot Of Courteous People’ 

Howard Schweber: Scott Walker's war on equality

David Benjamin: An Open Letter to Public Employees and Their Unions, From Formerly Unionized Private-Sector Workers

Michele Hull writes on today's rally at UW Rock County

Governor Walker's latest statements regarding local union negotiations rated "barely true" by PolitiFact

Recall the Republican 8 Wisconsin Senators

As union membership declines, inequality has skyrocketed

The Hollow Cry of "Broke"

Protesters enter Capitol around 6 pm tonight

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Slow Jame the News: Wisconsin Protests

After 17 days, protesters leave Capitol following judge's ruling

VO5 - Cheddar Revolution!!

Two Weeks in Madison: A Tribute - video

eHow: How to remove adhesive tape from marble

Judge lifts restrictions on access to Capitol, orders protesters out after hours

Firefighters denied access to Capitol during emergency call

Protesters confront Wisconsin Senator who called them "slobs" - video

Peggy Noonan: Public unions get too "Friendly".  Resemble "On the Waterfront" more than "Norma Rae"

Palm Trees in Wisconsin

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