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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fox News gets unusual access

First, I thought it was telling that the only folks with a live feed out of Wisconsin's Capitol were Fox News (on a day when protesters and elected representatives were denied entry, judges hassled, and lobbyists had free entry).

But then, overnight, this video lit up both Facebook and Twitter. Seems like Fox spliced in some video from other protests. Last I saw, we had neither palm trees nor other greenery around the Capitol. It's early March in Wisconsin; where's the snow and ice? No mounted police, no angry shoving. And definitely not luxury hotels in the background. Dude in the hat towards the end of the clip? Reports are, he's from a Sacramento protest.

I saw a few professional right wingers when I was up there. Check out the folks in the dark suits in the assembly gallery during the governor's speech. But I didn't see much in the way of professional left wingers. We're too busy fighting for our children's future to buy snazzy suits.

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